Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Season 2, Episode 6


Outside Lauren’s house Sadie is demanding to know why Lauren stood her up. Oh Sadie, you do know why, don’t you? Don’t you? Go. To. Your. Room!

Lauren: Just what exactly are you f–king playing at?

Sadie: What?
Lauren: And you stole this watch, yeah? Did you know that it belonged to an important client of Jo’s did you?
Sadie: I didn’t steal it, I found it.
Lauren: Oh well, I don’t give a s–t. (Thrusts watch back at her.)

Lee:That’s a mistake because how she going to explain where it’s gone?

Lauren: I’ve just had the most excruciating night of my life. I should have known
Sadie: You said you liked the watch.

Lee & Sarah: Oh Sadie!

Sadie: I can barely pay the rent. 
Lauren: You’re f—ed up. You are so f—ed up. You’re living in a fantasy world, aren’t you?
Sadie: I’ll make it up to you.
Lauren: No, no.
Sadie: I’m sorry.
Lauren: What was I thinking? You stay away from me and my wife, OK?

Sarah: A better time to deliver this line would have been right about the time when Sadie started working with your wife.

Sadie is left crying in the street and we feel awful for her, even though she is indeed a bit f—ed up and living in a fantasy world. It’s just that this world of hers seems quite a lot of fun. Until you’re left crying in the street with a stolen watch in your hands.

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