Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Season 2, Episode 6


Ed enters the Theatre with a massive bunch of flowers. Nora meets him in the corridor and assumes they are for her.

Nora: it’s going to take more than a bunch of flowers —
Ed: They’re for Tess.

Sarah: Awkward!

Nora: That’s very sweet of you. Of course, it is a very big opportunity for her. I mean, who knows if she’ll ever get another part.
Ed: I think she’s very talented, actually. But what would I know; I’m just a geek, right?
Nora: Ri-ight. How is your book going?
Ed: Good. I’ve changed the lead character to an evil, self-obsessed hobbit. It wasn’t a very big rewrite.

Nora: Oh don’t worry. It’s only wank material for geeky teenage boys after all. Still it gives you something to do in the evenings.

Lee: Sinead Keenan is most fabulous at being a bitch.

Ed: Oh don’t worry about me. Tess and I have always got our darts tournaments to look forward to. Speaking of which, have you got any of those signed photos left? I’d be glad to take them off your hands.

Sadie and Lauren are having their 3 p.m. rendezvous in bed. And this feels a lot different from their normal meetings. There are no fairy wands, no bondage, no leather, just some really nice, passionate missionary sex. Lauren tells Sadie she looks beautiful – but with real meaning, and Sadie looks the most content and natural we’ve ever seen her. We suddenly want this one to work out. Even though it obviously can’t, because there’s a nice gallery owning wife and employer at home. Why must we want so much all the time when we’re just going to get hurt?

Our feelings are echoed by a really gorgeous song choice at this moment by Paper Aeroplanes.

Lexy is in the hospital canteen looking thoughtful. She picks up her phone and dials tentatively but smiles when the call is answered.

Lexy: Ah hey, how’s it goin?
Tess: Hey there, pretty nuts. Listen, thank you for my awesome present. Love champagne, and the Imodium’s come in pretty useful, actually — not that I’ve got the runs or anything.

Sadie and Lauren are in bed post-coitally holding hands and just looking at each other.

Sadie: I’ve got something for you. Close your eyes. Hold out your hands.
Lauren: OK.
Sadie: Ta-da..

And she’s only gone and given Lauren the watch that she tea-leafed from the posh bird in the bathroom earlier. Lauren says she loves it but Sadie can’t afford it, but Sadie just looks so happy to have given her something and puts it on her wrist.

Sadie: And a ticket to the play tonight.

Lauren doesn’t say anything and looks like you would if your wife was expecting you home but you really wanted to be with your artful dodgeress at a play instead.

Sadie: Aw, come on, no one needs to know we’re together.
Lauren: OK, yeah.

Sadie looks insanely happy by this and, again, our hearts sink because it’s really nice to see Sadie looking so smiley.

Sarah: She’s like a child, Sadie. Her moral compass is all topsy turvy and her pleasures are just so basic.
Lee: Maybe she could come and live with us and we can look after her and lock her in her room when she’s in danger of the moral compass choices f–king her life up or someone else’s?
Sarah: OK, I’ll make a bed up.

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