Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Season 2, Episode 6


Sam arrives at work and steps into a busy police room. Ryder gives her a nod before telling everyone that a drugs raid called “Operation Beehive” is about to begin. This makes us giggle as we imagine the cops rounding up suspects at a 60s disco for crimes to hairstyles.

Ryder hands over to Sam to outline the plan for the raid and to describe the assortment of Alice Bands, Bumpits and tins of hairspray they should try to recover at the scene. Sam speaks in an unsteady voice and looks like she has another panic attack brewing. She pauses and Ryder picks the flow back up. When the others are dismissed, Ryder comes back into the room.

Ryder: Are you all right?
Sam: I’m here, aren’t I?
Ryder: We need to present a united front today, for the team’s sake. Can we do that?
Sam: Of course.

At the gallery, Jo Glass and Lauren are having a fight about something Lauren said Jo didn’t tell her, but Jo says she did weeks ago. We all know how this one goes. At one point one of you will have to be the bigger person and just back the hell down and pretend you do remember and hope your girlfriend won’t ask for details or what kind of intonation she used when she told you. The Artful dodgeress listens in. As Lauren leaves she gives Sadie’s hand a stroke and whispers that she’ll see her at 3 p.m.

Tess is at the theatre. She unpacks her bag at the side of the stage but jumps when the voice of Nora enunciates “Morning” from behind her. Nora is sitting alone in the middle of the front row seats like a queen. Or a wicked witch. She beckons to Tess and tells her that she wants to clear the air about Ed. She tells Tess that she hopes Ed is coping with her dumping him because basically he couldn’t deal with a real woman. Tess chokes on her water and tells Nora that he’s bearing up.

Tess goes into the dressing room to tell Hipflask what’s just happened, and more importantly that Lexy said she had great legs, but Hipflask just sits with his back to her not saying a word until he interrupts her with a flat, “Maggie wants a divorce.” A lot more grumbling happens in this scene from Hipflask about what an arse Thomas Delaware is and Tess is very lovely to him. But we have a lot to get through here and we’re not having Hipflask take up too much episode finale recap time, so that’s enough for now. We will just mention that Hipflask is again drinking from his Hipflask and if he ruins this play for Tess we’ll be so wrathful.

Lexy is now scrubbed up and Gay Stud welcomes her with a “Hello skiver” to which she replies “F–k off, I went to see Sam.” She angstily tells the stud that Sam didn’t want to know and asks him why she always gets sucked in.

Lexy: What was I thinking? I was imagining there was some kind of connection between us – when her girlfriend had just died! I’m such an idiot.
Gay Stud: Listen, you’re not going to waste any more energy over her. You should go for Tess. She’s funny, she’s hot. The two of you get along great.

Lexy listens and considers this.

Lexy: Maybe I will. I’m sick of falling into the same old patterns. I find someone damaged. I put them back together and when they’re all mended —
Gay Stud: — they f–k off.
Lexy: How about someone actually wanting me for a change?

At Operation Beehive, Ryder and Sam are doing a duet of “A Hard Day’s Night” while the rest of the force have casual sex, smoke marijuana and paint CND signs on the wall. Except really they’re testing radios and looking out for signs of a drug deal. Sam feels the onset of an attack and goes out to a stairwell for some air. Ryder follows her and asks what’s wrong again.

Sam: Nothing. F—ing hell, why does there always have to be something wrong?
Ryder: Sam, there is something wrong. Look I think maybe you should go home.
Sam: I’m going nowhere.

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