Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Season 2, Episode 6


A few porn shots of Glasgow later and Tess is trying to decide what to wear to the party after the play that night. She calls on Lexy and holds up a gorgeous gold dress – honestly the Lip Service wardrobe lady should get an award for Tess’s clothes, they’re so wicked.

Tess: What do you think about this, I don’t think I’ve got the legs?
Lexy: Are you kidding? You’ve got great legs.

Lexy gets ready to leave for work and Tess looks like a girl who has just been told she has great legs by the girl she’s besotted with.

Tess: Listen, thanks for all your support and everything, it means a lot.
Lexy: That’s alright.
Tess: I just hope I don’t make a tit of myself.
Lexy: (affectionately) You’re always making a tit of yourself.

Lexy goes if for a kiss on the cheeks but somehow it turns into a very, very slight snog. They both pull away awkwardly.

Tess: That’s a really nice lip balm you’re wearing. What is it?
Lexy: It’s a medicated Chapstick.
Tess: (joking) Super sexy.

The awkwardness has passed and Lexy pats Tess on the arm and leaves for work promising to get the drinks in that night.

Ed and Tess are drinking tea in the flat while Tess is worrying about what Lexy will think of her performance in the play, all the time, tap, tap tapping on Lexy’s pink box. Now that he’s out of Nasty Nora-land, Ed finally realises that Tess has a massive crush on Lexy. Tess tells him she just can’t be sure if Lexy likes her or not. Ed fuels a positive interpretation by telling her that Lexy mentioned that there was someone she liked who didn’t need a ticket to the show. He thinks this could be Tess, because she’s in the show and wouldn’t need a ticket. They celebrate this thought by finally opening the box which contains a mini bottle of champagne for after the performance and some Imodium tablets for before the performance.

Lee: So the box is open wide, what say you?
Sarah: I say this is a friendship box, not a sexy box. It’s not a gesture, like a piece of wood.
Lee: Why are you bringing up that piece of wood? It’s still too painful for everyone.

Sam is walking down the street looking very clean. She meets Lexy and greets her with a charming, “What do you want?”

Lexy: Not the warmest welcome I’ve ever had.
Sam: Well I’m late. (Tries to walk past.)
Lexy: I won’t hold you up. I just need you to know that you were wrong.
Sam: There’s nothing new there. (Tries to walk past again)
Lexy: I really didn’t know about Cat and Frankie.
Sam: You want an apology, is that why you’re here? I’m very sorry, OK? (She says this likes she’s not sorry at all, it’s important you know this or the next line won’t make sense.)
Lexy: You might want to work on the whole apology thing. That level of sincerity, it’s a bit overpowering. (See?)

Sam just stares are Lexy.

Lexy: Look I get it; you want to deal with this on your own. I understand, I’ll leave you alone.

Sam clenches her jaw and says nothing

Lexy: But if you ever need someone, you’ve got my number

Sam watches Lexy walk away with a hint of regret before her face slips back into its hard mask.

Lee: Now that felt more like a gesture
Sarah: That could still just be friendship.
Lee: No, I really think she loves her. I can feel it.

Lexy arrives at work and receives a text from Tess saying “Bring Valium! I’m going in!!!!” It’s entirely perfect that Tess would use five exclamation marks in one text. Lexy replies “You don’t need drugs. You’ll nail it.” It’s entirely perfect that Lexy is a girl that uses no exclamation marks. Lexy gives the phone a little look of adoration.

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