Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Season 2, Episode 6

Tess arrives home and goes to Lexy’s room. Her bed is empty, because Lexy is in bed with Sam spooning. She gets up to answer her ringing phone, looks nervous, but tries to keep it breezy.

Lexy: Hey, Tess how’s it going?
Tess: Fine.
Lexy: Look Tess I’m really sorry —
Tess: No, no don’t be silly, duty calls and all that. Are you still at the hospital?
Lexy: (Screws her face up:) Yeah, yeah.
Tess: Oh well, I won’t keep you

Lexy looks pained by this conversation, but soon looks content again as she enters the bedroom and gets back into bed with Sam. She leans over her, just looking at her and strokes her face as she sleeps.

Tess is still in Lexy’s room. She sits on her bed and holds her pillow to her chest. Kisses it, sighs then lays down.

And the end.

The actual end of Lip Service: The Sequel.

The fact that it hasn’t already been recommissioned is an actual crime. The kind we should get DS Murray to investigate. But as she isn’t real then we suggest you join us in making @BBCThree aware of how much you love this show and perhaps let them know that you’ve read their diversity study, you appreciated their statement of commitment to making the gays more visible on television and now you’d like them to put it into practice. Otherwise it’s just another study. And no; one off lesbian period dramas aren’t good enough. And we don’t say this lightly, because you all know how much we love a lady in a petticoat and sometimes a tuxedo.

If you don’t want to wait that long for some answers then get yourself to Glasgow for the first official Lip Service Fan event on July 15. Harriet Braun, Heather Peace, Fiona Button and Anna Skellern will all be there, with more to be announced.

Until next time, Lip Servants.

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