Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Season 2, Episode 5


A coked-up-to-the-eyeballs DS Sam Murray enters a club clearly after some friction of a different kind. Like two piranhas, her eyes circle the room, seeking out some potential pursuit.

Lee: This scene is very like the scene in The L Word when Bette goes fishing in New York.

Lauren and Sadie sit upon an old barge that Sadie used to clean in a previous day job. She reminisces about the way she used to consider sailing the boat away when she had a bad day and Lauren picks up that this is The Artful Dodgeress all over: a lady that liketh no strings. Lauren admits that she too was a bad girl pre-Jo Glass and wonders whether this admission unsettles Sadie, because she is not the person Sadie thought she was. This is a bit complex for Sadie who purely seems to thrive on hedonism and fun.

Sadie: I didn’t think anything. I was too busy staring at your arse wasn’t I.

They are having a whale of a time and Sadie looks genuinely content with Lauren on the barge.

Sam continues to scout out the female species until she detects one that shakes her maracas and heads over to initiate their connection. They go back to DS Murray’s house that she no longer shares with Cat, and Sam coldly f–ks her against a wall. It is apparent that Sam is struggling through it and tells her conquest not to speak.

Sarah: This is very like the scene in The L Word where Bette picks up the conquest in the bar and takes her home and f–ks her and tells her not to speak.

Tess comes home to see Lexy passed out, flat on her back on the sofa with her cardboard alien friend erected beside her. Tess is frustrated by her night ending like this. Sadie straddles up beside Tess watching Lexy. Sadie realizes the script in Tess’ head did not end like this.

Sam has sobered up and no longer wants her house guest to be a guest in her house. When she asks why she needs to leave and what did she do?

Sam: You’re just wrong.

Tess covers Lexy with a blanket and during this she tells her that she is “lovely.” Tess’ imaginary script has been part played out and she walks away with a warm fuzzy feeling.

Lee: I really loved that. I love them all. I want to go and tidy Sam’s house and make her soup, hang out with Lexy, Tess and Ed in the 13th Note and go out clubbing with Sadie.
Sarah: It has to be Lexy and Sam doesn’t it? I think her and Tess are good mates, but I just thing the heat is with Sam.
Lee: We’ll find out next week, last one, it’s come so quickly.

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This week it was announced that there will be an official Lip Service Fan Party in Glasgow on 15th July. Find out more information and how to get tickets here.

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