Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Season 2, Episode 5


Lauren waits on Sadie, who teases her about her new risk-taking ways when she arrives.

Lauren: I’m doing what I like.

Lauren tells her that if they are spotted Sadie should pretend to be her niece. The thought of this role-play makes Sadie feel aroused and they hold hands and begin their day of fun.

Lee: They look amazing together in this scene. Like a couple of hot goths.

At the hospital Gay Stud walks into the ladies toilet to apologize to Lexy for his recent rubbish behavior. They hug and all is well with the medical duo once more.

Sadie and Lauren are in a sex shop, which inspires them to play out roles of a different kind: Sadie is PVC clad and Lauren is dressed as Little Bo Beep. They take their getup and fingers to the changing room which ends in Sadie telling Lauren to “take it bitch or your arse gets the fairy wand.” Which is exactly what the Fairy Godmother said to Cinderella in the original version of the book.

Ed is with Nora having tea. Cups of it. He tries to speak to her about the recent revelation about Cat. Nora gives this very limited attention before asking him to pick up her dry cleaning for the book launch that eve.

Ed agrees to the dry cleaning run because he is a bit of a wet weekend where Nora is concerned, but says he doesn’t feel in the right frame of mind to attend the launch. Nora twists his arm by telling him that work must come before grieving the memory of his sister. She delivers it in a very sly manner though, without this level of blatancy, but we can see right through her and it’s important that you do too. She leaves telling him to hold his “chin up.”

Sadie and Lauren are having lunch and getting on like a house on fire now that their barriers and pretenses are down and it is just them having lunch and not sexing in secret places. Sadie offers to pay for their lunch and hands over a card to the waiter. Lauren observes that Sadie really does not have the cash to splash.

Sadie: Yes, I do. There’s a huge limit on that library card. After you. Walk don’t run.

The fingersmiths leave in a giddy hurry and wander the streets of Glasgow as thick as thieves. Lauren noticeably has a new bounce in her step and is fawning gleefully over her Artful Dodgeress.

Ed, Nora and Tess arrive at the Sci-Fi launch, Nora’s focus is blatantly on rubbing shoulders with the relevant movers and shakers and speeds off in search of them. Ed clearly wishes not to be there and tells Tess that he knows of Cat and Frankie’s misdemeanors. Tess tells him how tricky it was for her to come clean with this knowledge, but because they are true best friends he tells her he understands and just hopes that Cat was a happy one before she kicked the bucket.

Lee: Ed is the best isn’t he? He just “gets” everything.
Sarah: But he needs to “get rid” of that horrible succubus.
Lee: I do love her though.
Sarah: I do, too.

Ed is spotted by a group of sci-fi enthusiasts who recognize his face because of his forthcoming novel. He obliges their request for autographs and this new found fame seems to temporarily bring him a little cheer.

Lexy arrives with Gay Stud and greets an excitable Tess. Gay Stud goes to get booze and Lexy eye spies Tess’ lesbi-friend and ushers Tess away before she can be spotted.

Lexy greets Tess on the roof with a pitcher full of booze and a green cardboard cutout monster.

Sarah: This is all the vital requirements for a topnotch party.

They reminisce about how wondrous last night was and just as Tess is about to spill the beans of her feelings for Lexy, her phone beeps. It is Hipflask asking her to come and meet him.

Outside Hipflask is hammered and true to his name swinging a Hipflask. He wants Tess to come with him to his ex’s house. Unsurprisingly Tess is not keen because she has Lexy right where she wants her. He pulls on her heartstrings by telling her that his extra costume fitting was not motivated by sexual leanings from the maybe real Lip Service costume lady, but to fit a corset for him because he’s a little chubby round the edges.

He attempts to leave in his car, but because he is smashed Tess fears this action. She selflessly agrees to drive him to his ex-wife Maggie’s house because he tells her it’s a stone’s throw away and she knows he cannot drive while downing his hipflask.

They arrive at the house and she learns they are there to deliver a dog a present. This does not float her boat — she wants to be back on the rooftop with Lexy talking about last night drinking vodka.

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