Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Season 2, Episode 5

The Artful Dodgeress has taken her early dismissal as an opportunity to head straight to the house of Lauren (and Jo Glass.) She arrives declaring her admiration at the expensive bricks and mortar this lady doth surround herself with. Lauren is visibly freaked out by Sadie’s appearance and by extension her presumption that she can take a house visit whenever she fancies.

Nonetheless she lets her in and Sadie questions why she’s being a bore snore. Lauren tells her that she’s an adult with adult ways, indicating that Sadie is childish – a point she would have laboured harder had she seen the chair and sweet antics earlier in the gallery. Sadie takes her dress off and Lauren’s feeble attempts at batting her away are easily overcome by Sadie marching towards her in her underwear and touching her in the nether regions. They kiss passionately and Sadie tells her she must meet her tomorrow afternoon. Lauren questions how this can be done when she is such a busy bee. Sadie comes up with the genius methodology of feigning a dentist appointment as she goes down. Lauren seems to think this is suddenly a really lovely idea.

Out of the corner of her eye through the window, Lauren spots Jo Glass arriving home and rushes Sadie away into a downstairs toilet of all places. Jo Glass comes in singing Sadie’s praises for selling a 20K painting on her first day.

She then spots Sadie’s bag and puts Lauren into a corner about the why of this, but before Lauren can utter a syllable, Sadie swans in artfully dodging any awkwardness by making up a fable about short changing the till and handing Lauren her dues. Sadie makes her exit and exchanges a glance with Lauren that suggests this party for two is certainly not over.

Lexy and Tess are still drinking beer straight from the bottle in their flat and writing out a list about what maketh the perfect partner. They decide that loving the band Coldplay is not a good look on a woman. We nod. They both agree that they do not like Coldplay and they hold each other’s gaze at this admission and sexual feelings seem to rise in both of them.

Sarah: It is sexy to discover that your girlfriend does not like Coldplay.
Lee: It’s even sexier to discover she’s not a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow.

At this moment the Artful Dodgeress rides in plonking herself on the couch behind them. The ill timing of this three’s a crowd moment makes Lexy shuffle away from Tess. Tess asks if she wants another beverage, Sadie says she will take it on, but Lexy heads to bed.

Sadie: Good night?

Tess looks forlorn and tells her it was nothing special but her heart is ticking over with something else.

Tess is back at rehearsals holding a mirror for Hipflask as he trims his nasal hair.

Sarah: That’s a scene very similar to you and me last night: art imitating our life.
Lee: I do wish you wouldn’t over-share.

Tess speaks of her night with Lexy and whether Lexy too can be feeling stirrings of a loving kind after their ‘moment’? She suggests Hipflask comes along to the Sci-Fi book launch that evening to analyze Lexy and see what he thinks of the situation. He cannot for he has a date with the wardrobe lady, who may or may not be the actual Lip Service wardrobe lady. Tess is very pleased that this is happening for Hipflask, because she’s the perfect friend.

Lee: I get the vibe that people don’t really like these little Tess and Hipflask scenes but I’m going to go against the grain and say that I do like them.
Sarah: I do too.
Lee: Are you just saying that because I’m saying that?
Sarah: No? I genuinely like them. I’m my own person.

An employee is chatting some nonsense to Lauren back at work about something or another. Lauren snaps and tells her assistant to cancel all of her appointments. She is not dull; she has the dentist.

Ed goes to see Sam whose flat is a pigsty, a further rejection of Cat or a visual illustration of how the fraught-cop’s normal resolve is being dismantled. Ed asks how she is and she says she’s fine and he may leave. Bless Ed for not even flinching at her hardness, because he just gets it. He knows her pain because he still feels her pain.

Ed: We need to look out for each other, Sam, it’s what Cat would have wanted.
Sam: Oh please, she did not know what she wanted. You know, go and find Frankie and comfort her cos she was the one Cat was f—ing the day she died.

Sam walks past Ed who is left looking shocked by the unveiling of his sister’s one dark secret.

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