Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Season 2, Episode 5


DS Murray and DS Ryder AKA Team Mur-der have been informed that a suspect has been picked up for dirty drug dealings. Ryder is ready to rumble but DS Murray wants to hold back and make him sweat because as she tells Ryder, this one is junkie scum and this is the way to do it with addicts. We would not expect this to be the sort of thinking that Sam has in her head, but she’s just said it, so we suppose it must be. Lexy phones and DS Murray tells her to stop phoning with a very definite tone. DS Murray’s hackles are razor sharp and Ryder is very discomfited by her new ways.

Gay Stud is jacking off a guy in a cupboard which means that he missed meeting sexray dude. This are the breaks kid, these are the breaks.

Sadie is still in the art gallery trying to phone Lauren to no avail. A customer wanders in and she smooths him over with talk of a very special artwork round the back. It turns out that this is not a euphemism, but the white canvas with coffee spillage etched in. The fool of a customer is taken in hook line and sinker and the ARTful Dodgeress is firing on all cylinders.

Lexy and Gay Stud talk about their recent woes – he feeling used by his recent sexual activity in the broom cupboard and she feeling used by Bea. Gay Stud makes an ill-timed joke about her vagina size, but Lexy is not tickled and walks off needing a friend, not the shallow, penis for a brain, Gay Stud.

DS Murray walks into the interview room with Ryder and the “junkie scum.” She looks in no mood to muck about. She asks her suspect about his dodgy dealings and what he knows about all the drugs he was found with. He is playing dumb and wishes not to converse about these wider issues. Sam hovers beside him and then rams him off his chair via an explosion of Cat MacKenzie/Frankie Alan-shaped rage. Ryder holds her back, because apparently this is not how you are supposed to treat suspects in an interview. We’re not so sure because we’ve seen 24 and she just seems to be deploying the very popular Jack Bauer technique. Ryder takes her out of the room.

Ryder: What the f–k was that?
Sam: Oh, I’m sorry, was I too hard on him? Only I was under the impression that he’s a piece of junkie scum who holds the key to a major drugs bust.
Ryder: It’s not only him though is it? I mean you’re going off at everyone these days.
Sam: Well if they’ve got a problem they can say so to my face.
Ryder: Well they can’t because you’ve lost it. I found that CCTV footage of Cat because you left the disc in the machine. I’ve sorted it, but what if I’m not there next time you screw up? You need to take some time off, go home.
Sam: To what?

Our hearts bleed for Sam in unison because she’s just so lost and this path she’s on is not leading anywhere fun. The fraught-cop badly needs a doctor. Now, where would she find one of those?

Ryder goes back into the interview room and Sam is left now with something else stripped away.

Tess is sitting at her laptop with Lexy moping around her. When Tess asks what the devil, Lexy tells her of Bea’s duplicitous ways, and Tess into springs into action; she offers pizza, beer and a warm glow after a troubling day. Lexy sweetly smirks to herself for Tess is the very comfort blanket she needed around her.

The Artful Dodgeress is still at the art gallery texting Lauren. Jo Glass tells her she may now depart as she’s with customers and the working day is nearly drawing to a close.

Lexy and Tess shoot the breeze over a couple of beers. Lexy harps on about being taken for a ride — in the metaphorical sense — by Bea.

Lexy: Do you think it’s this complicated when you’re straight?
Tess: Yea but the sex is crap.
Lexy: See, that’s why I like you.

Cue Tess to feel as gleeful as a Cheshire cat who has just caught a mouse.

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