Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Season 2, Episode 5

The same creepy fella from last time is in the hospital watching Lexy.

Tess is back at the Tron having her costume fitted. She tells Hipflask that she hopes Lexy will see her perform and that she hopes too that she has not judged her on the lesbi-friend debacle, as she wouldn’t want Lexy to think that is her type of girl. Nora bounds in dropping off lunch for Tess insisting it is a free offering, much to Tess’s surprised delight.

Hipflask is staring across the room at the costume designer’s rather large pair of Bert and Ernies as she bends down to sew some buttons or something of the like. Tess is pleased as punch that Hipflask is venturing into forests new and is delighted also that Hipflask is sure that Sharon, the costume designer liketh him too due to the number of fittings she has requested from him.

Lee: I could be wrong because I was drunk when I met her, but I think that is one of the actual Lip Service costume designers. It might not be though.
Sarah: Well thanks for sharing that really brilliant story.

The creepy fella lurches with intent towards Lexy as she walks the hospital corridor. She senses all is not well and tries to back track but he speeds up with menace by his side and grabs her wrist. The pieces begin to fall and Lexy realizes this is her stalker. He actually looks exactly like to you might imagine a stalker to look. If you’ve ever imagined such a thing.

Creepy Stranger: Stay away from my wife.
Lexy: I don’t know what you’re talking about?
Creepy Stranger: This jog your memory? [handing her a T-shirt]
Lexy: What? This is mine. Where did you get this?
Creepy Stranger: You gave it to her.
Lexy: Bea?

And thus the stalker conundrum is solved.

Creepy Stranger continues mouthing off and is more emphatic in his instructions for her to keep her distance from his wife, when the situation becomes double the trouble and Bea Junior comes running up the corridor to join this not so great party.

Lee: Great casting of that small child, she looks exactly like Bea.

So Lexy has it laid bare. Bea is not only with husband but also with small child and Lexy can only be stunned into silence. Husband of Bea takes his daughter’s hand and leaves Lexy to get her head around the fact that Bea’s wife Suzy is actually a tall ginger bloke with a beard.

Sarah: It definitely seems sensible that he is dealing with the fact that his wife is a lesbian by stalking Lexy.
Lee: Who knows what you’d do in that situation? If I discovered you had a tall bearded husband on the fly I’ve no idea what I’d do. 
Sarah: I don’t. 
Lee: But you would say that, wouldn’t you?

Lexy finds Bea, who is looking after an old woman, and lays into her about her marital status and conniving ways. Lexy’s whole person is a fist of rage.

Lee: Wow, everyone is very angry in this episode. And attractive.

Bea is flabbergasted by the truth being unraveled like this, but tells Lexy she was in a no-win situation as she couldn’t leave Bea Junior and the bearded husband. This riles Lexy more and she races off with no sympathy, just feeling betrayed and used. As you would.

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