Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Season 2, Episode 5


Tess leaves to get dressed and Sadie breaks the news to Lexy that has been obvious to us voyeurs for some time: Tess is putty in Lexy’s hand and obviously is a smitten kitten. Lexy ponders this.

Lexy and Tess are in one of Glasgow’s absolutely bestest places to visit for veggie food and a lot of alcohol and music, the 13th Note Café. They are very foolishly not having the veggie burger and spicy chips, instead just supping some (is this a date?) tea.

They still can’t reach DS Murray by means of telephone, but Lexy is sure all will be well. Ed and Nora enter and join them, Nora immediately plummeting into Tess’ wellbeing after her bacterialwhatsit bout and enquiring as to when she and lesbi-friend will rekindle their special times. Tess tells her that she must focus on her play and not be playing with others. Ed knows Tess is playing silly buggers and thinks that maybe she should try harder with such a fit lesbian.

Ed invites both Tess and Lexy to a sci-fi book launch, Tess rebukes the offer even with the promise of free liquor until Lexy shows her interest and then the appeal changes, which Lexy can’t help but eye spy. Ed suggests Sam cometh also. Lexy leaves as she has work to attend but tells him that Sam is a busy bee. Ed asks whether Sam is okay, Tess lies unconvincingly and tells him all is indeed dandy.

Lexy walks to work, while a very tall man stands out of view watching her footsteps.

In her art gallery Jo Glass shows Sadie some plain canvases that have simply been painted a colour or two and tries to express the wonderments of the work, much to Sadie’s internal scoffing. She is left by Jo Glass to price up the works and is in utter awe that these bad boys have a price tag of £20K.

Lexy meets Bea as she comes to ready herself for her daily grind. She complains about her recent conflicts and Bea makes her chuckle with a comment about a blow up doll. This light relief is just the ticket for Lexy, and Bea takes this obvious pleasure as the cue to lead her into the toilet for some hanky-panky.

Lauren arrives at the gallery, much to Sadie’s twisted delight. However Lauren gives her the cold shoulder and tells her this reaction is the normal way she’d behave towards a lowly receptionist worker — which makes her sound like a right hierarchical dickhead  — and that Jo Glass is the one she has come for.

Sadie reminds her that they are having a bit of how’s your father so this is not entirely a true reflection of the situation, but Lauren tells her those days are done. She leaves with Jo Glass and Sadie texts her a lewd message.

Gay Stud and Lexy are walking and talking. Gay Stud tells her that rejecting Sam’s advances was not wise because it was sex, and to partake in that, whatever the weather, is a bonus, which is a shallow interpretation of events. Lexy admits defeat on the Sam front and homes in on looking at Tess in a whole new light.

Sadie is sitting on her lonesome in the gallery bored rigid. She texts Lauren again telling her of her apathetic state, but Lauren does not seem to be biting, so like any normal gallery worker, Sadie proceeds to eat sweets and slide her chair around in circles.

Sarah: This is how I used to spend my days when I was doing work experience in Chambers.
Lee: I am so surprised that they did not offer you a permanent job.

She zooms her chair in to read a text, most likely hoping to find some text chatter from Lauren. It was not Lauren, so Sadie returns to her fun and knocks her coffee over half of the white £20K painting. Her attempts to wipe away the oily coffee spillage with a tissue are, unsurprisingly, futile.

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