Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Season 2, Episode 4


Sam packs away Cat’s life into boxes and chucks that blasted bit of rotten old wood in the bin. We sigh a sigh of relief and hope that things will begin to look a bit brighter for Sam. But of course, we still haven’t resolved the bracelet or the mobile phone yet, and this is a television programme, so we are utter fools to hope this. And so are you, because we know that this is what you’re hoping too. The rules of telly won’t allow it, so get a hold of yourselves and smarten up.

Ed and Tess are having lunch, which naturally leads onto talking about Ed’s new lady friend. Tess tells her she is actually pleased as punch that they are together as both seem happy. This is because Tess is one of the loveliest TV Characters ever and it is upsetting us that no one is looking after her little hurt heart right now.

Ed asks her to come and spend the evening with him, Nora and Nora’s fine lesbi friend; in the hope Tess and lesbi friend would be a perfect match for one another. With a touch of smug delight Tess declines for she is set to tread the moonlight fantastic with fourwheels strapped to each foot and Lexy by her side.

Gay Stud and Lexy are together in the hospital. Again. In the canteen queue they spot Gay Stud’s Eye-candy-with-no-name a few bodies along. Lexy tells Gay Stud that all the signs point to yes, namely yes he is gay. Gay Stud is wobbly and Lexy goes over to settle the to-ing and fro-ing once and for all, with the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

Lexy: I was thinking about getting the Moroccan Tagine. I’ve always wanted to go to Morocco. Have you ever been to Morocco?
Eye-candy-with-no-name: Um, yes I have.
Lexy: Okay cool, who did you go with?
Eye-candy-with-no-name: With my sister.
Lexy: Not your…
Eye-candy-with-no-name: Not my wife no, but I am gay.

Back in the kitchens, Sadie is texting Lauren about meeting later and reading her article. She is spotted by Head Honcho who begins to release his Malcolm Tucker-esque wrath onto her, but she’s had enough of him and the stupid hat and hotfoots it out of the building without a job, but with a handbag full of delicious cheese and a rather lovely cheese knife.

With built up composure Sam walks to Ryder. She wishes to have Cat’s final possessions. Ryder somberly reiterates his condolences as he hand them over.

Sarah: Oh my Judy Finnegan, the bracelet, the bracelet, the f–king bracelet!

The Artful Dodgeress is waiting on Lauren, who arrives like an overspill of teenage hormones launching herself onto Sadie’s lips as soon as she opens the door.

Sadie: Err, work before pleasure. Did you read my article?

It is not crystal whether Lauren has or she hasn’t, but she tells her that the magazine is full over the next few months. Sadie’s resolve drops because she is back to square one without the cheese job and has no pennies rolling in at all.

Sensing that she isn’t going to get her leg over if Sadie stays glum, Lauren invites her to the ‘so called dull’ party and says that this may well be the ticket to drag her back into the tax-payers game. With that news, the Artful Dodgeress allows Lauren to have her wicked way. A piece for a piece some might say.

Sam sits alone in a room at work going through the bag that holds Cat’s personal possessions. She pulls out the mobile that has its screen smashed, the violence of which is disturbing, although convenient for Frankie and Cat’s secret. She looks at the passport photo of them smiling together and then her eyes hover over the one object she does not recognize.

Sarah: Oh my Judy Finnegan, the bracelet, the bracelet, the f–king bracelet!

She scans the bracelet and sucks in the air to keep her steady as she sees “F/C” inscribed in the inside; her suspicions of Cat and Frankie’s relationship once again ablaze.

Lee: This is horrible. How can a piece of jewelry be so hateful?

Lauren buttons up her shirt and asks Sadie to settle the hotel bill once more. In a surprise move, the Artful Dodgeress does not stay true to her nifty ways by revealing last time she was given too much and so takes less than offered this time around and hands her change back to Lauren from last time. When Sadie asks about the party later that eve, Lauren shows minimal care for it and rushes away once more, with not so much as a glance backwards.

Lee: Ooh the power shift is quite apparent.
Sarah: I like that Sadie didn’t take the dollars.

DS Sam Murray plugs in a charger to Cat’s phone in the hope it will reboot and she can get evidence about Cat and Frankie’s misbehaviors – or not – whatever the case may be. This has no success so she slams it against the wall in frustration and opens a laptop to study the CCTV of Cat’s last footsteps.

Sarah: This is a very distressing scene.
Lee: Again the acting from Miss Peace is excellent.

Tess arrives home to Lexy cooking up a storm. She assumes that Lexy is just preparing this before they strap on their skates and skate on out of there. Alas she is cooking for her and Bea because she has no recollection of making the roller disco plan.

Sarah: I knew she wasn’t listening.

Tess covers her blatant disappointment by telling her this turn of events is indeed positive because she has a lesbi friend she needs to meet, sent to her by Nora and Ed. She covers her crushing disappointment well and Lexy has no clue, wishes her well on her date and continues to make fancy foods.

Sadie arrives at Lauren’s party and waves to her across the room. Lauren doesn’t acknowledge her; she continues to talk to the relevant high flyers and leaves Sadie to look uncomfortable and very much like a duck out of water.

Lee: I am not liking this Lauren woman at all.  She is making me think she isn’t attractive anymore. Although she is.
Sarah: She is certainly not attractive. Wise up.

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