Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Season 2, Episode 3

Sam returns home with her parents still there, her dad’s face willing her to mend herself. She makes a jibe about her counselor telling her that she has parental issues and this pleases her father because her girl is laughing and not crying. Sam tells her parents that she no longer needs them as an emotional crutch and they are free to leave. Her mum is concerned by the immediacy but her dad nods in approval because his daughter is moving forward with life and not retreating from it.

Lee: Wasn’t he a policeman too? Well his detective skills are also a bit off-kilter.

Lexy is at a bar with Bea from the hospital, the blonde woman she undertakes weekly fornications with. Lexy is talking about her longings for the hot cop when her phone rings. She assumes it to be another one of the nuisance calls that she has been recently troubled with. She answers with frustration and begins to give the recipient an ear bashing when she realizes it is her grandmother battling with her new mobile.

Discarding the idea of f–king in a Travelodge, they head back to Lexy’s flat under Lexy’s caveat that they must be quiet so as not to appear insensitive to their housemate’s grief stricken state.

Lee: I would have been disappointed if Lexy had been cool with having sex in a Travelodge.
Sarah: How would you feel about a Premiere Inn?
Lee: Still a deal breaker. I’d be dandy with a Novotel.

Frankie has a moment of procrastination glaring into the Clyde. She returns to her bedroom with Sadie lounging on her bed sipping on some juice and gin. Frankie pulls out a few odds and ends and stuffs them into a rucksack with haste and hostility. She tells Sadie she is leaving for New York.

Sadie: Is it your mum?
Frankie: It’s me, all right? There’s nothing here for me anymore.

Sadie is bleeding to tell her to stay because she loves her.

Lee: Oh my god, she does, doesn’t she? She really loves Frankie. I didn’t really know until now.
Sarah: She loves her with all of her shady little heart

This realization seems to hit Frankie at about the same time as it hits us – I mean, maybe we’re just all really slow and everyone else has known this since Sadie was the despondent Pocahontas. But anyway, Frankie cares not if Sadie does or doesn’t because she’s had as much as she can take, she has her rucksack on and she’s made her decision. She leaves and tells Sadie to tell Tess about her sudden flit. Sadie’s eyes dampen and her smile falls away.

Tess returns to find Sadie snorting coke and consuming larger glasses of juice and alcohol. Sadie’s mind is already a minefield of toxins and lonesomeness. She puts a brave face on it and tells Tess about Frankie’s very recent departure and reassures her that she will stay to replace her in the flat. In all honestly the thought of having Sadie in your flat all the time sounds wonderful and also horrific.

Tess rushes out to locate Frankie. Luckily in about 3 blinks of an eye she finds her hailing a cab. Tess’s anger blisters at Frankie and her selfishness for just leaving without any consideration for her or indeed anyone at all. Then Tess brings out an emotional hammer to really knock the truth home.

Tess: You should have never have come back.
Frankie: What because if I hadn’t she’d still be alive?
Tess: That’s not what I meant.
Frankie: Yes it is and you’re right.
Tess: I’m sorry.

They embrace and Frankie tells her that she’s a f–k up, which is a really tiring line, because this is all about more than Frankie just being a f–k up, and by now we’ve seen that there is some depth to Frankie’s pain. She makes Tess promise to keep shtoom about her and Cat’s illicit love affair, tells her she will miss her and jumps into a taxicab.  Tess jolts out tears that are a mark of her being left alone without yet another best friend.

Lee: I am having a lot of emotions about what has just happened. I really wanted to see Frankie deal with her shit, and be a good friend, and grow and not just be reduced to a “f–k up.”
Sarah: Maybe she will be back and she can do all of those things.
Lee: I hope so because I also wanted to see her in that cowgirl outfit again.

Sadie rocks up to a gay club, dressed to impress and eager to undress. She spills her eyes round the room until she spies a potential target. She ambles over to an Italian tourist who is unsuccessfully trying to order Buckfast or some other Scottish drink from bemused bar staff. Sadie helps out and helps herself by ordering double vodkas for them both. They flirt and moments later they seem to be home and Sadie is having her wicked way with her Italian tourist as she douses her in condiments and takes her from behind as the girl wails the Nessun Dorma with some gusto.

Sarah: Are we to miss out mentioning how horrendous the Italian girl’s accent and acting was?
Lee: I can’t even bear to think about it.

Lexy and Bea are also being rather cozy upstairs. We can see why Lexy likes the benefits of this particular friend and we can also see that Lexy is most definitely going to be a Lip Service favourite. They flip on the radio to drown out the Italian tourist’s cries of exhalations.

Poor Tess twists and turns in her own bed with her pillow over her head trying to drown out the noises of her new horny flatmates.

The morning after the night before, Tess stands in the kitchen not knowing where to turn as various foods debris cover every object visible to the naked eye.

Bea walks in wearing a towel and is amused by the remnants of last night’s food party. She remarks on the boob prints that have been neatly carved in jam on the sideboard. Tess assumes that it was Bea that was getting sticky with the jam and is about to flip her lid until Lexy arrives and she realizes that Bea was Lexy’s tango partner, not Sadie’s. This makes Tess want to flip her lid in a different way.

Sadie walks past looking like an extra in a Tim Burton film. This, Lexy bedding another girl, Frankie leaving, the death of Cat and sleep deprivation is all too much for Tess to take in and she spits out her frustrations to them all.

Tess: (pointing at the sex mess) This was supposed to be my breakfast; I was supposed to go back to work today like you told me to. I couldn’t sleep because I didn’t get the memo about the house shagathon and now this doesn’t work (holds up a radio covered in cream).

The Artful Dodgeress is clearly fighting her hangover and trying to offer help as last night’s mascara spills from her eyes.

Sam is back with in her counseling session. She tells her counselor that any doubts she had over Cat are now gone with the wind. She trusts that Cat loved her and she is going to let it rest.

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