Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Season 2, Episode 2


The rest of the funeral party weep beside Cat’s graveside as the service continues outside. We weep on our couch as the service continues on our tellybox. 

With a few drams floating around her veins Frankie decides she needs her mum. 

Sarah: This is really Frankie’s entire issue. She has just always really needed her mum.

But her mother has been caught on the hop, she hasn’t expected her daughter to show up drunk and devastated, and she is in no way capable of dealing with it. She worries that her husband will come outside and tells Frankie to leave.

Lee: This is so harsh.

Door Slam.

Frankie: F–k you. I didn’t want to know you anyway.

Tess tries to find Frankie in the hallway of their home; it’s not a very thorough seeking out to be fair. But Frankie isn’t there, she’s at Cat’s graveside, clawing the gravel, her heart bleeding and her eyes soaked.

Sam sits in in her dimly lit bedroom delicately picking up Cat’s hairbrush and rubbing it against her lips. She smells Cat’s bra and strokes her underwear. During her pining she finds something she’s unfamiliar with, a foreign object wrapped in a cloth. 

Sarah: Oh my giddy aunt, this is not ideal.

Lee: Do not open that. Do not f–king open that.

But Sam does and she finds the wood. The bit of wood from the school. The bit of wood that Frankie took from the school before it got destroyed. The wood that they inscribed when at school together. The bit of wood that represented their love and probably how deep that love was. This is the bit of wood that has just staked Sam’s heart.

Lee: It’s with the note.

Sarah: Oh my, it’s with the note.

The note says: “Some things shouldn’t be destroyed.”

Frankie is lying in the hallway, her face smeared in mud. Sadie lets herself in.

Sadie: [Crouching beside Frankie and noticing her face looks like she’s been wrestled with] I guess it didn’t go so well then.

Frankie sobs and Sadie rubs her hair to try and give her some comfort.

Frankie: If she wasn’t with me, she’d still be at work … she’d be alive. 

Sarah: That is technically true.

Lee: Come on, we’ve all seen Final Destination. If it’s time, it’s time, whether you’re f–king your ex-girlfriend or not.

She then turns to Sadie and tries to kiss her. Sadie pulls away because she knows what this is about. However Frankie begs a little and Sadie takes it on because Sadie is a friend indeed and when she’s pressed she will undress.

Sarah: Well that was quite an hour.

Lee: Not half. I’m not sure where to go or how to be.

Sarah: It was most excellent though. 

Lee: One of the best death scenes I’ve ever seen.

Sarah: Do you think she’s really dead?

Lee: Who knows? It could all have been Ed’s cocaine-induced dream.

Sarah: Maybe he’s dead?

So what did you think Lip Servants? We are super-keen for next week. See you on the flipside.

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