Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Season 2, Episode 2


Oblivious to all happenings, Frankie and Sadie are stranded as their wheels have got a flat. 

Sarah: Quite ironic really. Should we turn to the subtext of this?

Lee: I can’t bear it.

Sadie opens up her boot and it’s obvious with the amount of knickers and bras she has in there that her car is also her home. Amidst her smalls, Sadie and Frankie wrestle with a car tyre, trying to get it free from the boot, which results in Frankie falling over into the mud and buggering her phone in the process. Sadie raspberry laughs and so Frankie pulls her down into the mud too. They laugh at the playfulness of it all. And we also laugh, because it is funny, even though we also have tears and mascara and snot. And then we stop laughing because …

Cat lies with Tess, Ed and Sam sitting in a triangle around her. The pain etched all over their faces.     

Lexy comes in and offers anything she can give in the circumstance: vending machine supplies, answers to any questions they may have and her deepest condolences.

Sam: What was his blood-alcohol level, the bloke that killed her?
Lexy: He hadn’t been drinking. 
Sam: Is he here?
Lexy: He’s got suspected concussion; we’re keeping him in for observation.

Sam holds in a rage she doesn’t know how to expel and Tess tries to phone Frankie to no avail, because Frankie’s mobile is broken and protecting her for just a little while longer from also being completely broken.

Sadie and Frankie rock up to their well-to-do hotel in the Highlands, with mud riding up their trouser legs. 

They soon get comfortable sipping champagne in their luxurious room. Frankie wants to get her head down, but Sadie is lying behind her like lady muck, very much trying her luck.

Sadie: [Rubbing Frankie’s back tattoo] I’ve always liked this.
Frankie: Sadie!
Sadie: You’re seriously telling me we are going to waste a s–t hot hotel room?
Frankie: I’ve told Cat I’m not going to sleep with anyone else.
Sadie: Why not, she is?

This is a very good point, but Sadie sees how much Frankie doth love Cat and resigns herself to her rejection.

DS Sam Murray leans over Cat’s white, drawn face, her body covered by a sheet. Sam pulls herself away and touches Cat’s arm tentatively, but tenderly for what she knows will be the last time. Arriving home to the flat that Cat will never again visit, she looks at the breakfast spread and flowers that she lovingly presented that morning. Something breaks in our hotcop. She falls to the floor, shattered, all control gone. 

Lee: I’m so sad. The acting from the cast is so good, but it’s making me so sad.

Sarah: [Sniffs]

Ed lays on the couch and Tess on her bed – both curled in balls like little children. 

Morning comes and Sam calls work to find out the name of the driver that killed Cat and heads to the hospital. She finds out which room he resides in by a sly bit of detective work and stares at him through the glass with her eyes welling up in pain and anger. Lexy spots the DS, approaches her and talks her down by sharing how distraught the driver has been through the night.

Lexy: If you go in there you are not going to feel any better and you’ll make an already devastated man feel a lot worse.

Sam squeezes out another tear and walks away.

Sarah: Heather is playing this so well.

Lee: She’s so still, it’s heartbreaking.

Ed and Tess are on the sofa trying to distract themselves by watching daytime irrelevancies. Frankie arrives home and reads their faces and so doesn’t need to be informed that something is clearly afoot.

Ed: There was an accident. Cat was hurt.
Frankie: Is she okay, where is she?
Tess: [Shakes her head.]
Frankie: Just tell me where she is. 
Tess: [Fighting the lump in her throat.] She died Frankie.
Frankie: What?
Tess: She’s dead. 

Frankie does a guttural, almost silent wail that seems to come from the pit of her very being and falls to the floor like a pendulum and all three pour out their grief together.

Lee: Oh FFS, pause this while I weep.

Sarah: This is the very best acting I’ve seen from any of this cast; they are killing me, all of them.

Lee: That is a terrible choice of words, what’s wrong with you?

Sam wakes in her and Cat’s bed and reaches across to feel the void where Cat is no longer. Frankie lies on her bed swinging Cat’s necklace. Tess comes and offers her a cup of tea.

Lee: Just a cup of tea?

Sarah: Most certainly.

Frankie refuses her offer and reiterates to Tess that she must remain quiet of her and Cat’s illicit goings-on. Tess goes to make tea and seeks comfort with Lexy who gives her a hug after she questions how Cat could “go and die on us?”

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