Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Season 2, Episode 2

Sadie arrives looking quite simply exquisite, in killer heels and a smile that leaks out the tales of her checkered past. 

Sadie: I was going to wear sensible shoes and then I thought, “F–k that.”

Cat walks the streets ashen faced, even sponging a cigarette from a stranger to animate her desperate times even more. She spots a text from Frankie telling her that she does not need to fret: Tess is remaining tightlipped. 

Cat gazes loving at her phone and walks across the road, fixated on the text. 

A car hits Cat and whips her across the road. 

She’s been knocked down. 

She lies in an unnatural pose in the middle of the road. 

Lee: OMG.

Sarah: What the Lenny Henry?

Lee: OMG.

Sarah: What the Lenny Henry?

Lee: OMG.

It’s hard to describe exactly how shocking that scene is. Even if you had heard the rumours. Even if you are actually Mystic Meg and absolutely knew that this was coming, the actual execution of the scene is unbelievable. Quick and out of absolutely nowhere. And then before you’ve even got time to shut your gaping mouth …

Sadie and Frankie load into Sadie’s car and head off to Frankie’s job in the Highlands, amidst knickers and bras that are strewn in the passenger’s seat. 

The DS is leaving work when she’s called back and given the dreadful message that the love of her life has been in an accident.

Cat is wheeled into A&E and Lexy and her gay stud colleague are the first response. Cat begins to flatline just as DS Sam Murray races in, white-faced and shaken.

DS Sam Murray: My partner has been brought in, Cat McKenzie, a traffic accident.
Receptionist: Can you wait there a moment please?

Sam follows the receptionist and it leads her to the door of the room where Cat lies, adrenaline is injected and her chest is pumped, all in a desperate attempt to revive her. Sam watches, her face stricken with heartbreak. Lexy’s expression pushes out the impending doom.

Gay Stud: Okay, lets call it. Time of death …

Sam falls back to the wall, the camera focused on the silent grief on her face, her short breaths, the only sound.

Lee: OMG.

Sarah: What the Lenny Henry?

Lee: Cats are supposed to have nine lives.

Sarah: Not this kitty cat.

Tess and Ed are sitting in the kitchen discussing how Cat often buys Ed expensive gifts when Ed gets a call from the hospital. He and Tess zoom into the room where Cat lies, grey and empty. Ed can’t comprehend that his sister is no more. He tries to go and get help. Tess lays her hands on his chest and tells him that Cat hasn’t made it as Sam sits grey and empty silently beside Cat’s body.

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