Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Season 2, Episode 2

DS Sam Murray walks Cat to her next work meeting, proclaiming her love once more by telling Cat that she’s booked a restaurant for them later that eve. But Cat has duped her hotcop girlfriend, as she doesn’t have a meeting at all. She heads into the building but then watches from a hallway window until the DS is out of eyeshot and hot foots it out of there like some sort of cold hearted s–tbag.

Sexy Lexy is walking the halls of the hospital with a handsome colleague regaling him with the embarrassing tale of meeting eye-candy DS Sam Murray, while having a coronary and basically telling her how fit she is. Her colleague is distracted by another fit doctor passing them by. He tells Lexy that he will seduce the fit doctor because he is a gay boy stud and everybody fancies him, even nuns. They skip off to deal with various explosions from the orifices of sick patients.

Tess complains to Hipflask actor that she doesn’t need Nora’s jealousies. Hipflask tells her that he didn’t need his wife to run off with a successful, handsome actor and leave him. Which very much trumps her situation. So she offers him a crisp.

Tess: It’s a new flavor. 

The duplicitous Cat has gone round to Frankie’s to continue their sexual frissons. Cat presents herself in a red corset and does things to herself; things that we shall not give explicit comment on, but Frankie eye spies it all with obvious pleasure.

DS Sam Murray begins her police duties that comprise the thrill of watching a building for ten hours whilst sitting in a car with Ryder who doesn’t seem to be offering too much intellectual banter. She tells him that she would tie the knot with Cat in an instant, while Cat lies in her red corset with Frankie rubbing her face. 

After their liaisons, Frankie hands Cat her birthday gift — it’s a bracelet, which has their initials inscribed on the inside. Cat’s eyes sparkle over the jewelry, but doesn’t want this to be the catalyst to discussing their future, which Frankie clearly does. Cat spots Frankie clock watching.

Frankie: Sadie is picking me up, but not for another hour yet.
Cat: Sadie?
Frankie: Yeah she’s broke so I am just paying for her to drive me to a job in the Highlands.

Cat has got a bee in her bonnet about Frankie seeing Sadie, but Frankie says her heart doth only lie with her; she will wait for her and not get jiggy with any others. 

Lee: This whole affair is just horrid, but I can’t help feel sorry for Frankie too because she just seems besotted by Cat

Sarah: The fact that she has to imprint their initials everywhere together shows just how much she’s desperate for a sense of identity.  And Cat is her one constant.

Lee: I think Cat loves Frankie more than Sam, so she should just tell her and then Sam can just get off with Sexy Lexy. And then they can all double date and go on holiday together like good lesbians

Tess comes home and heads to a mirror, to possibly pluck one of those annoying rogue chin hairs we’ve heard that some people get. She then spots Cat and Frankie frisking one another in the hallway.  Cat gives her a wide-eyed death stare and Frankie asks why she’s home so early. 

Sarah: Well excuse Tess for being in her own home, plucking her own chin.

Tess looks awkwardly at the pair and heads into the shower. Cat has a little panic that Tess will spill the beans but Frankie says she’ll sort it. Cat dashes off takes off the bracelet and Frankie heads into her bedroom and sniffs Cat’s corset.

Within a blink of an eye, Frankie confronts Tess when she emerges smelling of roses from the shower.

Frankie: Tess, It’s not what you think. I love her. I want to be with her.
Tess: That’s what you said last time.
Frankie: I’m not stupid enough to make the same mistake twice.

Tess tells her that she’s not going to say anything and there’s a knock at the door.

Lee: It is like Piccadilly Circus round there.

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