Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Season 2, Episode 1

Back to Cat, the drug abuser, who is in the office toilet splashing her face with cold water and exhaling in a frantic manner like it might be possible to just blow the drugs right out of her system. The Jaygermeister bursts in treating the whole thing like a big old jape until his infectious lunacy takes Cat too and she laughs.

As the presentation begins, Jay and Cat are still smiling at the room like a couple of very simple children. Cat absent-mindedly stutters some nonsense about flowers before blurting out “Begonias,” while Jay works his way through a box of biscuits. The finale of the pitch involves Cat spitting a glass of water over herself, Jay, and the potential clients.

Back at the flat and Tess and Sexy Lexy are getting on like a house on fire, until Frankie arrives home and fills the room with doom. Frankie has of course slept with Sexy Lexy, and by her own admission then behaved like a c–k by leaving without saying goodbye. Sexy Lexy is about to leave until Tess begs Frankie to make it right.

Frankie: Lexy, you’re right, I was out of line. It’s no excuse but I was pretty messed up at the time and you just got caught up with that. I’m sorry.
Lexy (looks at Tess): Ah, f–k it. Life’s too short to bear a grudge.

Tess looks delighted. There’s a knock at the door and Frankie goes to answer it, inviting Lexy to meet them for drinks at Rubies that night to see how they all get on. Tess is beaming with love at Sexy Lexy when Fin arrives and kisses her on the cheek. Tess backs off offering beers, leaving Fin to introduce herself as Tess’ girlfriend.

Cat and DS Murray are getting ready for a night out. The DS presents herself to Cat:

DS Murray: Will I do?

A hurricane of women around the country scream: “Yes, of course! You’re the hot cop!”

They have some banter about police cars and truncheons and then Cat asks Sam if she wants to go out without her because she’s knackered.

Sarah: Why would Sam go out with Cat’s friends without her like some sort of loser?
Lee: And it’s incredibly shit that Cat can’t face Frankie but she’d let Sam go and hang out with her.
Sarah: She’s got a right cheek if truth be told.

Sam thinks Cat is tired and broody because of the stoned pitch from earlier and tells Cat that she could do with a few drinks. Cat agrees but says they aren’t staying long. Cat looks very pretty in this scene, although she has deceitful eyes, due to all the deceit that’s occurring right now.

The whole gang is at Rubies — including new girl Sexy Lexy — and Tess makes a toast to Ed’s book deal. Ed thanks them all and gives a nice little speech, but it’s difficult to concentrate on the words because there’s a lot of sighs and heaving bosoms and tricky looks being chucked back and forth across the table between Cat and Frankie.

It seems Ed is slightly peeved that he’s in a gay bar so can’t get laid to celebrate his success. Jay tells him that you can get laid anywhere so long as you embody the three Cs: Cocky, Confidence and Charm. Frankie agrees:

Frankie: Women can sense if you’re nervous. You’ve got to approach them like you’re the hot restaurant everyone wants to dine in.
Sam: Alternatively Ed, you could just try being friendly and see if you have anything in common?
Frankie (laughing): Yeah, if you want to send people to sleep.
Sam (sharply): Yeah? It worked for me.

Frankie raises an eyebrow and drinks her beer.

Sarah: Well that was a little verbal shoot out. Who do you think came out as the victor?
Lee: I got confused. I thought Frankie said take a girl to a hot restaurant and I started thinking about food.

The atmosphere is a little awkward so Jay breaks it by asking Sexy Lexy what she does:

Lexy: I’m a doctor in A&E at Queens.
Sam: I virtually lived there when I was training. Friday night, the chundering piss artist brigade.

Lexy very deliberately stares right at the hot cop’s breasts: “It must have been before my time or I’d remember you.”

Well, this is very flirty, and is spotted by Tess. But again Jay distracts the situation by announcing he’s got drugs and inviting everyone to share. Frankie and Lexy are in, but Tess has her first rehearsal the next day, and Ed says very emphatically” “No way.” 

Cut to Frankie, Lexy, Jay and Ed all crammed into one toilet cubicle as Jay cuts up the cocaine and they all take a turn, until it comes to Ed, who says:

Ed: What if something goes wrong and I’m dead in the papers?

Sexy Lexy, the doctor, tells Ed that people don’t normally drop dead unless they have a heart condition, and then helpfully adds that it’s a fairly quick end anyway and Ed decides to give it a go.

Cat goes to the bathroom and Frankie is still lurking around in there. There’s some tense handwashing and then Frankie removes a clip from Cat’s hair. It seems like they might kiss, but instead Frankie leaves Cat looking confused in the toilet.

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