Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Two

At work, Cat is over-thinking her date with DS Murray and venting it to cool-as-a-cucumber Jay. He delivers some super advice on what questions to ask the "hot Cop."

Jay: What’s the most interesting thing she’s ever done with her truncheon?

We laughed a lot at this suggestion, but Cat is clearly not as childish as Jay or us, and is not amused, so he tries to help again.

Jay: Ask her what is the capital of Australia? [Cat walks off]

It’s interesting – most people think it’s Sydney, but it’s not.

Tess has arrived at Glasgow international Airport and is feebly holding a sign for Marie Chambers. She hones in on a woman half-falling off her seat and asks a couple of times if she’s Marie.

Marie: Yes, I heard you the first time. I’m not bloody deaf.

Sarah: Marie is Magda from [the British TV show] Lead Balloon.
Lee: Oh good times.

Clearly drunk out of her box, Marie, a.k.a. Magda from Lead Balloon, stumbles out of her chair and walks out with an overwhelmed Tess.

In a rather rough and ready area of Glasgow, Frankie finds the address Fix-It gave her. She knocks on the door. No answer. She shouts "Hello!" No response. She tries the door; it’s open.

Frankie sees old letters on the floor addressed to Miss Cawthorne: a sure sign that she’s at the right house.
Like Tess last week, Frankie is now a burglar, entering the bare house and rifling through a lone bag. She plucks out some keys with the letters ‘FG’ on the key ring.

Whilst law-breaking, she’s interrupted by a boy entering the room. He legs it when Frankie spots him, and even though she chases him through the estate, he’s clearly in training for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014 and far too speedy for a girl like Frankie, who appears to smoke about 60 a day.

Frankie: Wait, I just want to talk to you!

That’s not enough to bring him back and she looks at the key ring she’s just nabbed. Ooh another piece of the "Who the eff is Annie Cawthorne?" puzzle.
Oh dear.

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