Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Two


Cat is practicing what to say to DS Murray in the toiler mirror when Jay opens thedoor, despairingly.

He comes into the ladies’, snatches the phone from her, and dials DS Murray’s number. There’s no going back and Cat starts to talk to her newly reacquainted lady friend.

Outside the lawyer’s office, Frankie approaches a man that she previously spotted doing some handy-man jobs inside. She suggests to him that she would be extremely grateful in an "I will s–k you off" way, if he could help her find out the name and address where her photos were sent.

Tess is told to go pick up the show’s latest celebrity guest from the airport. After the cake incident and the lack of caffeine in his veins, the producer is stressed out and threatens to sack Tess if she messes this up.

At the airport, the pressure is on and Tess looks disorientated. This doesn’t bode well for Tess’ running career.

Frankie is alone in a cafe waiting for her Mr. Fix-It. She tries to while away the time by phoning Cat but is greeted by her answer phone.

Lee: They do a lovely tuna melt in that café.

Sarah: I don’t think anyone else knows about this tuna melt. as only Frankie seems to be in it.

Lee: The service is slow. It probably puts people off.

When Fix-It arrives, he proves to deserve the name we’ve given him because he has indeed managed to steal the address that Frankie needs, right out from under the lawyer’s nose. Let’s not discuss the improbability of this and, instead, focus on the fact that Frankie’s baby photos were sent to an Annie Cawthorne, who lives in a nasty estate in the south of Glasgow.

Fix-It asks why she needs the details and she tells him the generic "boring family stuff." But obviously, Fix-It wants to know more – post-coitally. Frankie blows him off (metaphorically); not at all bothered that she’s led him on.

Fix-It: Bitch.

Frankie: Tell me something I don’t know.

Sarah: Okay. You might want to work on that Frankie love.

Lee: And Fix-It should learn to get "paid" before revealing the stolen information next time.

Sarah: Classic schoolboy error.

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