Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Two


Amidst the sibling banter between Cat and Ed, Ed says "he hasn’t even pleasured himself today." Oh Edward, potty mouth.

Tess comes out – not in the best outfit we’ve ever seen her in – but after seeing her, Ed’s face suggests he could leave the room to pleasure himself. But not in a creepy way.
The phone goes and Lou is not coming because she’s tired. Tess wells up and makes excuses for her but Cat points out the wrong in blaming yourself; that is what she used to do with Frankie.

Sarah: Tess needs a cuddle, not a rant.

Lee: I knew she wasn’t coming, I didn’t say anything but I knew.

Sarah: To be honest, I don’t think anyone is going to be surprised by her no-show.

Lee: Yes but I knew!

Frankie is in a very lesbionic bed getup consisting of a vest, shorts and some socks. She phones Cousin It to ask for details about the family’s lawyer dealing with Dead Aunt Carol’s will.

Cat is tense about whether DS Murray is going to ring, just as Tess is sorting out her dirty clothes into the washing machine. Oh if these two factors should collide.

Cat: Where’s my mobile?

Washing machine: [strange clunk]

Next day, with rollers in her hair again, Lou Foster apologies in a half-hearted way about the night before, explaining she was tired as Tess brings her towels.

But then, Tom-the-Pr–k walks in to reveal that he’s surprised to see Lou in one piece after the drunken antics of last night. Tess leaves the room with another blow to her heart and probably feeling even worse than she did last night.

Cat finds DS Murray’s number online and borrows Jay’s phone to call while he leers over the intern.

Frankie sees the inheritance lawyer and asks where the photo album of her was sent. Unfortunately, Dead Aunt Carol has ordered the lawyer to be tight lipped. So, Frankie is rude to the lawyer for just doing her job, and storms off to find another way of getting the information she feels she needs.

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