Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Two

Lou finds Tess after the show and gives her a hug, but not before locking the door to ensure there is no chance of peering eyes. She invites Tess over for "make-up" time and Tess suggests dinner with her, Cat and Ed. Lou agrees but her face doesn’t look completely signed up to the idea. Tess – not the most observant of people – is delighted. Her little face lights up like a Christmas tree.

In a most comical scene, Cat gets her mobile nabbed by a law-breaking youth. Instead of calling the police or crying, she chases her assailant and tries to grab the phone back, only to end up hauled into the local nick for assault.

Guess who is on hand to spot her being brought in? Yes, every one of you has called it correctly, if your answer was DS Murray, that is.

DS Murray takes over Cat’s questioning, and with sleeves rolled as high as they could ever possibly go…

DS: They didn’t rough you up did they? You know what police can be like [smiles, knowing that this is a funny turn of events]

Cat: So I see you’ve come in here to gloat? It’s not enough that some little s–t steals from me but now you are going to have a laugh at my expense?

DS: Actually, I thought you might need my help, but if you want me to go…

Cat: Well, you do have a habit of walking out on people.

DS: Only when you imply that I’m some sort of thug.

With a very manic voice, Cat explains what a torrid day she had before the date in Awkward Town. DS Murray is very smiley and comforts Cat over her latest mishap, whilst wearing a very gay waistcoat. Cat thanks her and tells her it’s okay not to fancy someone – oh up missus.

DS: I didn’t say I didn’t fancy you. What about another date?

Preparation for Lou Foster is in full swing. Ed’s face is tripping him from all of Tess’ extra efforts for this lady that she isn’t allowed to call her girlfriend. Cat silently freaks out about the mess.

Frankie and Jay are sitting on the floor together in front of a sofa, which to some, may be a strange choice of where to sit. They drink and smoke, but all is not merry as Frankie explains that her family and Cat hate her.

Jay has brought two-year anniversary presents for Becky comprising of underwear and what is supposed to be an expensive necklace, but we suspect it was purchased down at Barras Market, as the budget is a bit tight on this show, and it isn’t very pretty.
Jay reels off why Becky is The One and that he can’t be bed hopping forever. Frankie looks like, "Oh bugger, neither can I," but says nothing.
Cat, the human duster-buster, has tidied and put the finishing touches to Lou Foster’s coming-over but not coming-out meal.

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