Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Two


We now have a metaphor for who has all the power in the relationship, as Tess struggles up a flight of stairs with a gigantic picture of Lou while being asked to sort out a most confusing coffee order.

Lee: I can’t stand all of those stupid names for coffees. When I go to Starbucks and they ask me if I want a "Grande," and all of this other stuff like cinnamon and soya, I just stare at them and say "Just a medium," over and over.

Sarah: If more people stood up for what they believe in, like you do Lee, this country would be flying high.

Because ordering a coffee is now like an exam in neuroscience, and also partly because she wasn’t really listening, Tess can’t remember what to order and decides to seek out Bob the cameraman, who was one of the coffee requesters. But because Tess is a bit prone to calamity, it goes terribly wrong when she gets in the way of a multi-tiered wedding cake and ends up lying on the floor with butter icing on her face.

It’s a disaster but Lou gives her an oh-my-goodness-secret-lover-you-are-adorable face across the room. A very small silver lining for Tess.

Frankie is outside smoking and Cat joins her to ask if she is okay. Frankie knows there’s more to the tale of missing photos than Cousin It and Uncle Fester are letting on. Cat offers to help because she can see Frankie’s pain and is holding on to the remnants of the love and friendship that was once there.

Frankie: what makes you think you are qualified to help anyone?

Well we wonder at this point why Cat would even speak to Frankie anymore. And so does Cat.

Cat: Do you know how much I missed you? Now I’m wondering why I bothered.

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