Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Two


Frankie walks up to the funeral service. Everyone looks at her as if she’s a stripper at a children’s birthday party. As a box of dirt is handed ’round for mourners to throw some clumps onto Dead Aunt Carol’s coffin, Frankie demands a turn, to pay her final respects, but Uncle Fester doesn’t let Cousin It pass it to her. Well, we say bugger you again, Karen – you don’t always have to do what daddy says.

But Frankie is resourceful. She realises she doesn’t need their dirt because she is in a graveyard and funnily enough, there is plenty of it on the ground. So she picks her own and throws it onto the coffin. Her hardened face loosens as her pain consumes her.

The wake, I think we can say, is not held in the most lavish of venues. Frankie looks at the photographs of Dead Aunt Carol and notices that she has been cut out.
Cousin It approaches Cat and Frankie. Here we see the difference between appropriate behaviour at a funeral and behaviour that would be deemed entirely "not suitable." Cat hugs the Cousin, consoles and says lovely things about the deceased. Frankie stands aloof, is aggressive and looks at her Cousin like they are kids about to spar in the playground.

Cousin It tells Missus Grumpy Face that the lack of Frankie photos is because Dead Aunt Carol sent Frankie’s photo album to a mystery recipient before she died.

Sarah: I don’t trust that Uncle Fester and Cousin It know nothing more about these photos.

Lee: My eye, they don’t know more.

Tess has started her runner duties by delivering coffee to Lou’s dressing room. Lou has rollers in her hair and is a little too close to smooth operator Tom, who’s sitting on a chair, metaphorically swinging his dick – what a pr–k.

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