Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Two

Cat is also getting ready to go to the funeral but not before she has a little anal-retentive episode over Tess’ "dirty socks under the kitchen table." Suspecting this is displacement for Cat being uptight about Dead Aunt Carol’s funeral, Tess asks if she’s sure she wants to go. Cat wants to be grown up about it and be there for Frankie.
Tess becomes giggly, telling Cat about her night with Lou but Cat kills her excitement with a stony-faced barb.

Cat: Has she gone down on you yet?

Tess: Well it is her first time with a woman…

Lee & Sarah: Well then, she should be well up for it.

Cat: She’s the pillow princess and you’re putting in all the elbow grease.

Tess tries again to justify Princess Lou’s ways by telling Cat that she’s trying to get her a job on her show. This might be a slight misinterpretation of the event. Cat tells her the best way to widen the closet door is to do something low-key and invite Lou to dinner at the flat with her and Ed. Oh Poor Ed – his little Tess-loving heart is just going to love that.

Frankie approaches Cat on a street corner and takes some pictures of her without her noticing. She is clearly delighted to see Cat. The only way she can stop herself from grinning from ear to ear is by sticking out her tongue. She’s changed from Shane’s wedding suit into her normal leather jacket and jeans ensemble.

Cat is clearly ruffled that Frankie is very late, and obviously doesn’t feel entirely comfortable with her. They walk with speed while two amused men walk behind them, maybe not realising they will forever be part of the UK’s first lesbian drama series Episode 2, Scene 4.

Frankie tries the old charm offensive.

Frankie: Nice outfit.

Cat: I just drag it out the cupboard for funerals and interviews. I see you dressed for the occasion.

Frankie: Well, I was going to wear the twin set and pearls but thought better of it.

Cat finally whips out a smile. Frankie has momentarily got her friend back.

Tess is waiting in the foyer of the "In the Afternoon with Lou & Tom" studio, looking at gigantic posters of Lou and her co-presenter. She asks a completely expressionless extra where she can find the production manager.

The production manager is a Glaswegian lad blaring out a lot of obscenities over the phone. Tess’ luck is in though, because she’s told there’s space for a runner. She’s put to work immediately, wearing an "In the Afternoon with Lou & Tom" t-shirt. An absolute cherry on the top of what looks like it will be an inspiring job. By inspiring, we mean, s–t.

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