Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Two

Book Thief speaks and acts like the Artful Dodgeress. We like her immediately. She admits to stealing stuff all the time but is ethical in her choice of nicking ground.

Frankie: Sort of like a modern day Robin Hood?

Book Thief: Ooh I like that. Next time I get nicked, that’s what I am going to tell them.

Frankie: So is there a Maid Marian?

Book Thief: What makes you think I don’t f–k my merry men?

The Book Thief’s name is Sadie. She goes back to Jay’s flat with Frankie, admits she’s an estate agent and they quickly decide to "f–k".

Lee: If our estate agent had a bit more of the Sadie about her, I wouldn’t loathe her so much.

Sarah: I’ve liked Frankie’s since she’s been trying to seduce Sadie – more fun, less harsh.

DS Murray is in attendance back at Cat’s flat and takes on a beer.

Sarah: Of course she does, why not go a little crazy and ask for a Pina Colada?

Lee: Because that would be man gay, not lady gay.

Standing in the kitchen, these two are flirting to a fairly high level and there is something very nervously romantic about it – quite in contrast to the no mucking about, straight-to-the-bedroom antics of Frankie and Sadie.

Next, the BBC gives us the second-ever terrestrial television lesbian strap-on scene, which is slightly more hardcore than the Tipping the Velvet one. The tabloid newspapers will definitely have ammunition to invent new "complaints" to write about.

Lee and Sarah: [eyes wide, hands over mouths]

Lee: Oh my days, this isn’t holding back any.

Sarah: I am not in the least bit surprised that Frankie is looking at herself in the mirror, rather than the girl she has bent over.

Lee: She is basically having sex with herself.

Becky and Jay are eyes wide awake due to the racket from Frankie, Sadie and their rubber friend. Jay decides to try his luck for a bit of how’s your father, but Becky is not having it. She has an early start and that sort of spontaneity will make her not entirely fresh for her morning’s work of caring for sick people.

Lee: I like that the lesbians are having fun sexual times and the straight couple are having a drought.

Sarah: Yes, often lesbians are shown fumbling about but this does wonders for the cause.

Lee: It’s like the opposite of The Kids Are Alright.
Sarah: I told you never to mention that to me again.

DS Murray steps towards Cat and begins kissing her, pressed up against the fridge. Again in antithesis to the Frankie/Sadie "wham, bam, thank you, ma’am," they are then seen in a tender moment, naked and making sweet music with far more gentleness than most first-times muster.

Pink sky in the morning and Frankie has finished with Sadie. With no ounce of emotion, she offers to order her a cab. Sadie asks to stay and Frankie turns her back. When she awakes again, she is alone in the bed, hearing Becky and Jay talk about Becky’s lost anniversary necklace.

Frankie’s first thought is to check her purse. She is angry to discover that her money has also been nicked by the sticky-fingered Sadie.

Cat and DS Murray wake up together, spooning. DS Murray comments on Cat’s shoulder tattoo.


Cat: It wasn’t my idea.

DS Murray: Whose was it?

Cat: No one important.

Lee & Sarah: Look’s like Catherine has finally moved on. [smiling faces]

Cat smiles and they start to get sexual under the sheets. We leave the room.

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