Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Two


Cat meets DS Murray and they sip beers straight from the bottle, like lesbians do, as they sit on cool hanging wicker seats. They discuss Cat’s career choice but the girlfriend can’t help meander nervously through random topics and admits to being rubbish at flirting.

DS Murray asks her if she’s okay. They both admit to having a bit of the old butterfly tummy. This bout of honesty does them very well and DS Murray blushes when Cat tells her she has a great smile.

Cat explains she is over the ex and ready for new pastures with someone well adjusted. The chemistry between these two is a delicious little explosion of alchemy on screen.

DS Murray: [seductively whispery tomes] Actually, I am really glad we are giving this another go.

Cat: That is such a relief because I am bursting for the loo and I was really worried you weren’t going to be here when I got back.

DS: I’m not going anywhere. [lip nibbles]

Lee: Oh I love these two together.

Sarah: At this very moment, I’ve got no idea why anyone would root for Frankie to win Cat back.

While Cat is having excellent verbal foreplay with DS Murray, Frankie is acting like a loser trying to pick up randoms on street corners. Once again, the classic distraction technique is in full throttle.

She enters a bookshop and eyes a woman chewing gum and stealing books. Their eyes meet and though the book thief walks off, Frankie’s flame of intrigue has been lit.

There is some delightful bed activity between the scantily dressed Tess and Lou Foster. Princess Lou seems to have finally signed herself right up to being in the Sapphic state because she’s doing some very lesbian things to Tess, which Tess clearly welcomes.

Frankie is obviously some sort of bloodhound because she is able to follow the mystery woman’s scent, and find her in a cafe, reading one of the stolen books. She takes a seat at her table, spreading her body to loudly announce her arrival.

Frankie: Any good?

Book Thief: Nah, Horoscopes are bollocks but I like them because I’m a Scorpio. Apparently, I’m mysterious and sexy. If I was Virgo, I’d probably hate me. What are you?

Frankie: Virgo.

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