Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Two


Frankie meets Jay outside his flat. He looks very dapper because he’s meeting Becky for their two-year anniversary dinner. Frankie asks for Cat’s new address, so Jay gives it, but tells her that Cat’s off with the DS, so tonight wouldn’t be the ideal night to go and interrupt their budding romance. Frankie’s face suggests this news made her chest a bit sore. And as we all know by now, Frankie is a huge boundary crosser – she may well not follow Jay’s advice.

Tess is getting her bag and coat and leaving behind her "Afternoons with Lou & Tom" t-shirt, when Lou walks in to tell her she’s sorry how things panned out with her runner job.

Tess: Sod it, I don’t care about this stupid job. It was never going anywhere. What I am upset about is you lying to me.

Lou: Hang on a second, I was tired but…

Tess: But you thought you’d blow me out anyway and make me look like a fool in front of all my friends?

Lee: Ed and Cat are all her friends?

Sarah: Bugger, that’s a shame to have only two friends.

Tess: What it comes down to is you being a complete coward.

Lou: [crying like a coward] You’re right. I am a coward. I was going to come. I got ready, then I just bottled it. I felt terrible and that’s why I went for a drink. But if you are fed up with me, I would understand.

Tess says it’s okay because Lou has reeled her back in with a pinch of manipulation. They admit to really liking each other and have a very passionate kiss. When someone comes rat-tat-tatting at the door, Lou takes Tess home.

Lee: I do actually believe that Lou likes Tess, but she’s far from ready to come out, so Tess will always have to be the secret girlfriend.

Sarah: Lou’s philosophy is muff-diving at home leads to nose-diving at work.

Frankie stares up at Cat’s window like an unhinged Romeo and selfishly decides to go and see her, despite knowing that Cat has a date.

Cat looks surprised to see her but lets her in, explaining that the lack of phone activity is because Tess washed her mobile phone. An ice-breaker, but Cat is clearly bemused as to why Frankie is there. Frankie senses this and asks her about Annie Cawthorne. Cat has never heard of Annie, so Frankie asks her if she wants to go for a drink. Cat refuses.

Frankie: You’re not seriously interested in a cop are you?

Cat: So you know I am going on a date, do you? But you thought you’d turn up anyway?

Frankie: Yeah, well like I said, I needed to ask you something.

Cat: I can’t believe you. If only you were this interested when you had my full attention.

Frankie gets up to leave, realising this is a no-go, but Cat wants to have it out and asks why Frankie persuaded her to leave her girlfriend, only to then leave her. Frankie gives the frankly pitiful excuse that Cat’s relationship was never going to last, so it’s all okay.

Cat’s anger levels are high and she spits out that Frankie is a f–k up, mentioning the Little Miss Helpful episode. She tells Frankie that she’s now looking for an honest bit of Cop-action. Frankie has really hit Cat’s brick wall and leaves.

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