Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Three

Tess wakes up on top of her bed, still fully-clothed, which suggests she got absolutely rat arsed last night while trying to forget about Lou Foster. She is awoken by a text from Ed, telling her to check the news.

She discovers that the dodgeress has told the press about Tom and Lou’s affair.

Sarah: It is so ridiculous that someone would rather be a marriage wrecker than a lesbian.

Lee: It is so ridiculous that someone would rather be seen out with Tom-the-prick than Tess.

Back at the Registry, Ralph tells Frankie that he can find nothing to link her parents to the address she gave him. But, he adds another twist to her Annie Cawthorne puzzle.

Along with her parents’ death certificates, he found another death certificate for Francesca Alan, whom he presumes to be her sister. But Frankie is, of course, Francesca, and she is very much alive and f–king, this makes no immediate sense.

Understandably freaked out that she is seemingly a dead-girl-walking, she goes outside for some air, only to spot Bolt across the street, eye-balling her. He completely disappears when a bus passes between them, leaving Frankie panting and confused in the street. Now you see him, now you don’t. Seems that Bolt is not only in training for the Commonwealth Games but also appears to be Harry Potter.

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