Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Three

Tess is clutching a pillow to herself to protect her heart from falling out of her chest. Lou Foster’s no show has caused it to break a little bit more.
The next day on the bus, she tells Ed that she’s hurt that Lou Foster didn’t even call – even though Tess tried her number constantly. He tries to ease her mind with possibilities of lost phones and the day being filled with sunshine, and not rain.

Sarah: Ed looks like he has been wrapped up by his mum and put on the school bus.

Lee: But with a bunch of old dears. I wonder if they all thought they were going to be extras in River City [Scottish soap opera]. Quite a turn up if they see themselves in this instead.

Frankie wakes up and notices that she is living like a dirty imp, so in time with the rhythm of the uplifting music, she tidies her toast crusts, knickers and Mars Bar wrappers away, only to discover Sadie Anderson’s business card down the back of her bed. A skip and a smile later, she is standing outside a building waiting for her letting agent to arrive.

Sadie: [with a delighted cheeky smile] Mrs Smith, sorry to keep you waiting.

Frankie: [takes Becky's necklace from Sadie's neck]

Sadie: Got your attention then?

They go inside and quickly get each other’s kit off on the kitchen floor.

Cat goes into see her boss, Alistair, and explains that she has a history with Frankie and would appreciate not being asked to work with her directly. Alistair is offering a sympathetic ear and tells her he’s worried about her well-being because she has been working so hard lately. He suggests she takes time off and even offers up his little cottage out in the sticks as a means of getting away from it all.

Cat: Thanks, I’ll have a word with my partner, Sam, and we’ll see if we can arrange a weekend.

Alistair: I haven’t heard you mention him before. How long has he been on the scene?

Cat: She and I have been seeing each other for a few weeks now – early days.

Alistair looks awkward, shuffles some papers and Cat leaves knowing that hanging her lesbianism out to dry was a bit too much for that Ally cat.

Sarah: That is forever happening to me, I mention my Lee and people say what’s your fella like and then I have to say, "Whoa back up. Assuming makes an ass of ‘u’ and me."

Lee: I know, this was a worthy scene because it’s very true that when you’re gay, you have to come out several times a week, which can be most frustrating.

Sarah: That’s why some days I just wear my "I am a lesbian" t-shirt.

Whilst they dress themselves, post-romp Sadie admits that she planted her card and thought the necklace was Frankie’s because she hoped it would lead to this fun and frolics. Frankie smiles, enjoying the madcap fun Sadie has injected into her life.

Tess is back at Stenbridge Insurance looking so bored that she might start poking her own eye with a pencil just for something to do. She phones Lou Foster and begins to leave her an apologetic answer phone message about putting too much pressure on her. Moira Jobsworth coughs to signal she is in ear-shot. She informs Tess of more ridiculous company policy about making personal calls and sends her to make coffee for a meeting that is taking place.

Sarah: Oh my goodness I love Moira. If you are reading this, actress who plays Moira, please come to our Finale Party, I would be so chuffed.

Lee: Me too. I hope Tess has to work here forever just so we can have more Moira.

Tess spots a woman spearheading the meeting that she recognises and rushes to find Ed who is acting as a letter-sorter-outer in the basement. The woman Tess saw is Janet Cook, the girl at school who was known as "Crusty Cook" on the account of her extreme unpopularity. Tess can’t bear the thought of bumping into the school loser who is now a high-flyer, because quite frankly, who is going to have the last laugh?

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