Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Three


Tess is getting ready for Lou Foster’s visit. She is looking very pretty in pink lipstick, fishnets, has a bit of breast on show and can’t help on occasion flashing out an excited half-smile.

Bolt gives Frankie and Jay a beer and tells them he doesn’t live there; he only visits to deal drugs because it’s empty. He says he doesn’t think anyone would be interested in Frankie’s baby photos and asks whether Frankie and Jay are a couple.

Jay: No, no. She’s a lesbo.

Bolt: Straight up? I’m not saying anything. I’m not one of those… what you call them, homo, homapho… hom…

Lee: Is that really an unknown word? Homophobic?
Sarah: Well to be fair, I don’t ever call anyone homophobic, I just call people who are homophobic, "knob-necks" and I’m sure he knows that word.

Jay and Frankie give each other amused looks at the uncool, awkward reaction of a boy who has just discovered he has handed a beer to a real-life dyke.

He begins to skin up and Frankie asks again about the "FG" keys. The boy says he knows nothing of them, so she takes a wander around the abandoned flat. Drawn to an old layer of children’s wallpaper, she rubs it and is drawn into some deep reflection about the flat’s possible connection to her.

DS Murray is kissing Cat’s stomach but Cat is yabba yabba about Frankie, which kills the mood for the hot cop who is trying to get her rocks off. She tries to turn the notch up on the foreplay but Cat can’t keep tight-lipped about how pissed she is at Frankie.

Denying her lack of enthusiasm, Cat tells her DS to continue with the butterfly kisses but she breaks it up again with yet more blethering. The DS dismounts and looks away into yonder and we see the first flickers of concern she may be having over the Frankie-effect.

Frankie and Jay return to Becky who is wearing her nurse uniform, but is in no mood to play doctor and nurses with Jay, on account that he’s clearly stoned out of his nut. Becky asks Frankie again about the whereabouts of her necklace and she gives an entirely false sympathetic remark about her ongoing efforts to track it down. Jay continues to be stoned.

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