Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Three


Tess invites Lou round for sexy times but Lou Foster has something else on. She says she’s free later that day and Tess forgoes her night of scrabble with Ed for the chance of a second bout of rimming. Tess, because she is so very empathetic, suspects Lou is feeling a bit over-lesbianed and tells her all will be fine.

Frankie lies on the sofa twiddling the "FG" key ring, her mind in a tangent over the bits and pieces of the "who the eff is Annie Cawthorne?" puzzle. Jay walks in to be told Becky is asleep and not to be disturbed. Frankie opens her dark heart and gives him a bit of best-friend buttering up, and then tells him he’s about to help her out.

Cat is amazed to find Tess hoovering their flat – all in honour of Lou Foster’s second attempt at coming over, but not coming out.

Tess: Today she kissed me in public, this is like definitely happening, she is actually my girlfriend!!

Cat: O.M.G.

Tess: Don’t take this piss, I’m allowed to be all girly. I spent my teens fake screaming for spotty boys and this one is 100% genuine.

Tess then drops in that she’s moving out to live with Frankie.

Cat pretends she’s fine with this news but when Tess asks if she feels weird, she replies very weirdly by saying "no" five times, which tells us she does indeed feel weird about her best friend and the woman that broke her heart moving in together. She heads off, most likely to whip on some marigolds and disinfect the toilet.

Frankie and Jay are back at "Annie Cawthorne’s" rough estate and Jay has never looked quite so uncomfortably middle-class. The Glaswegian Ussain Bolt appears and, once again, is not keen on engaging with her, but before he tries to break his personal best, Frankie spits out some words.

Frankie: Hey, wait. I just want to talk to you for a minute, just a few questions.
Glaswegian Ussain Bolt: Who are you, police or something? What the f–k do you want?

Frankie: Something was sent here – a photo album, pictures of me as a kid – to Annie Cawthorne. Do you know her?

Bolt: No. Never heard of her.

This fella looks decidedly shifty, and though he denies knowing anything that Frankie is rabbiting on about, he invites them into the flat to smoke some weed. Frankie snaps this offering up and Jay follows, not best pleased at the prospect of having to dirty his good Armani trousers on a working class sofa.

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