Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Three

Jay and Cat emerge from their meeting and the lady doth protest at Jay’s lateness and alcohol fumes, but both tell their boss that it went just super-duper. Boss man, Alistair, takes Cat to one side and introduces her to the new photographer for the company brochures. Heaven behold: it is Frankie. Cat looks like you could knock her over with a feather.

Tess is temping at Stenbridge Insurance firm and being trained how to answer the telephone by Moira, a jobsworth that has had her soul slowly etched away by the daily grind of working at Stenbridge Insurance for the last 300 years. Moira and Tess role-play "how to answer a telephone" and Tess fails on account of the fact that she still has a soul and can’t give too much of a s–t whether she says, "hello" or "good-morning." They repeat this exciting role-play.

Lee: I think this job is going to be worse than "An Afternoon With Lou & Tom."

Sarah: Yes, because she at least got a kiss and a grope on that job. I don’t think Moira is going to be up for that sort of caper.

Jay thanks Hayley-the-fit-intern for helping him that morning and she compliments him on his "debonair ways." Jay clearly takes this as some sort of come-on. Cat approaches him angrily about Frankie’s recruitment and Jay explains that she just happened to see the CV’s for the position but he told her not to take it on.

Lou Foster has been taken to a lesbi-bar by Tess.

Lou: Gosh, It’s very open isn’t it? Sorry do I sound like an idiot? It’s just I have never been in a gay bar before.

Sarah: Never been in a gay bar? You’re in show business, you’ve been around. Of course you’ve been in a gay bar.

Lou: Well I have been in a gay bar… but not like this not as a…

Tess: Gay woman.

Tess understands that Lou Foster may be overwhelmed and uncomfortable by all the lesbi-action going on around her, but Lou Foster seems determined to stick it out, despite feeling that she’s not at one with her new surroundings. Lou strokes Tess’ hair and then grabs a kiss on the sly because "when in Rome."

Lee: They are so sweet together in this scene and it looks like Lou has at least poked her head out of the closet door.

Sarah: I know. I wish I didn’t have a sense of impending doom about this relationship.

Alistair asks Cat to take Frankie to the site that she has to snap. Cat tries to keep the whole matter professional by talking of such things as "vernacular windows" and the like.

Frankie is amused and turned on by Cat’s work-like manner. Cat walks across the room, about to leave her to it, but Frankie tries to rein her back in by saying she’s planning to stay in Glasgow.

Frankie: I’ve tried getting in touch with you but you just keep blanking me. Can’t we just be friends?

Cat: We’re not 12, why would I want to be friends with you anyway? My real friends want me to be happy.

Frankie: I want you to be happy.

Cat: No you don’t, you’re all about distractions Frankie – anything that takes you away from your own s–t.

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