Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Six, Season Finale

S Murray calls Cat from the boozer and can’t reach her because she is sexing Frankie. She looks worried and rightly so, but tries to convince herself that her not answering is due to her being with Ed.

Frankie spoons Cat post-sexual happenings but with a painful swallow, Cat tells her that she needs to go. Frankie doesn’t want to let her go but Cat gets up.

Frankie: Do you love her?

Without turning to look into her eyes, Cat nods.

Frankie: Do you still love me?

Turning and smiling at her, she nods again.

Jay goes to find Becky at her workplace and tells her he has been busy finding houses they can lay a mortgage down on. But she knows that his heart is not into the whole idea of commitment and he can’t really promise her otherwise.

Lee: It looks like it will just be you and your hand for some time then, Jagermeister.

Cat walks into the boozer with "I’m guilty officer, I have been up to no good" etched all over face. Fortunately for Cat, the DS is just overjoyed to see her. And either she isn’t a very good detective or she simply lies deeper to herself, but she spins Cat round and introduces her to everyone.

Sarah: Surely someone should be able to smell…

Lee: Yes they should.

Tess wakes up in Eye Candy’s flat with a broad smile all over her face. The DS wakes her Pussy Cat up with breakfast and chat of putting up shelves – ah domestic bliss.

Frankie calls her new brother and arranges to visit her new mother.
Alma Carter has done okay for herself over the years, because she now lives in a lovely West End townhouse. Frankie knocks on her door nervously and a handsome woman opens it. Frankie smiles. Mama smiles.

That’s the end, lesbians. Can you Eve and Eve it?

Thank you all very much for all of your lovely messages, insight and funny banter on the recaps and the "Lip Servant" interviews over the last few weeks. It has been mighty fun and we know that the team at Kudos, the BBC, and the cast has enjoyed it, too, and are grateful for your support.

If you want to own Series One, the DVD is out now on Universal Playback – available from Amazon and HMV. And if you fancy experiencing a bit of Lip Service for yourself, take a look at for special Valentine’s Day-themed Lip Service breaks.

Let’s all DEMAND a Series Two and we can do it all over again. Until then, tell us what you thought of Lip Service, Series One.

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