Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Six, Season Finale

Jay dashes across the street to Cat, who is walking home. She is very angered at him for his Jaygermeister ways, but he calls her out on being a hypocrite because she had an affair with Frankie too.

Cat: That was once, I had one affair. It’s a miracle you can get to the corner shop without shagging someone.

Jay: Don’t f–king exaggerate, I’ve only slept with Frankie.

Jay tells Cat that Frankie’s state of mental unrest over Daddy Fester is the reason she didn’t meet her at the café and that she is flying back to New York that night. He hands her a parcel that Frankie wanted her to have. This is all under the watchful eye of the DS who is lingering by her window above.

Frankie books a flight to JFK that night.

DS Murray – somewhat walking on eggshells – tells Cat that they’re expected to meet her friends in 20 minutes. Avoiding questions being thrown at her, Cat heads to the toilets to get ready but in reality opens Frankie’s parcel.

She has been given the bit of blackboard wood that has Cat and Frankie’s initials carved into it from their schooldays – heaven knows how she ripped that off – with a note that simply says: "Some things shouldn’t be destroyed." Cat looks heartbroken and runs her fingers over the letters.

The DS is waiting in anxious anticipation; sensing things are not going to go to plan. Cat comes out lying about Ed being in a state about Tess, and says she must go to him at once. She doesn’t give her lady any eye-contact, but the DS just accepts this tale.

Sarah: That is the first basic sign of how to spot a liar. What’s the DS playing at? She can normally smell a rat at 50 paces.

Lee: Hand shake to Heather Peace for really making the DS’s transformation from in-control woman who takes no shit, to vulnerable, slightly needy woman who knows her partner is not fully present. Completely believable, relatable and a little bit painful.

DS Murray: Okay don’t be long, I love you, I can’t wait to show you off.

Lee: I’ve made my decision; I don’t want Cat to leave the wondrous DS for a woman that thinks a block of wood shows commitment.

I’m not committing myself to a team but I do want to see what a Cat and Frankie sexy moment will be like.

Cat leaves but whilst on route, she hesitates and literally stands at a crossroads, pondering which women to go to. Ooh the suspense of it all. With steely determination, Cat walks to Frankie’s door, only to find her frantically packing the five items of clothing she has worn all series.

Cat: Are you really going to leave?

Standing outside drinking beer in the snow, Eye Candy chivalrously offers Tess her coat.

Eye Candy: I’m curious, were your electrics really out the other day?

Tess: Oh yeah, sorry about that – that was really weird.

Eye Candy: I was hoping that after you’d been checking me out from your window all this time, you might have wanted to ask me out.

Eye Candy goes in for a lip smacker and Tess happily obliges; she finally has her woman.

On her sofa, Frankie talks to Cat about finding out about Daddy Fester. Cat reminds her that her mother may well be delighted to have her in her life, so she should consider visiting her. Frankie tells her that if she is going to make her flight she must leave now.

Cat: What are you going to do then?

Frankie: I’m going to stay, see her.

Sarah: Well that didn’t take much persuading.

Frankie: Did you get my present?

Cat: Yes, how did you get it?

Lee: That’s what I was wondering.

Frankie: It wasn’t easy.

They smile at each other, content in the knowledge that they will continue to be in each other’s lives but it feels bittersweet; they’re not together and the chemistry is now rife.

Frankie tells Cat that she never felt worthy of Cat’s affections and that’s why she left. With tears streaming, she tells Cat that she has always loved her. And then they are kissing. Oh my days, they are kissing – a gentle, loving kiss.

This leads to gentle, heartfelt love-making of the kind that we have never seen Frankie partake in – the absolute antithesis of Sadie’s wham bam.

There is hand holding, tender stroking, orgasmic grappling and passionate exchanges of intense smiles and all finished off with a tear streaming down Frankie’s cheek.

Sarah: I can’t help it. I’m glad they "did it."

Lee: That was one explicit sex scene. I’m not complaining. I just can’t believe how much I just witnessed.

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