Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Six, Season Finale

Quite rightly, Frankie is not convinced that Daddy Fester is the caring type who just had her best interests at heart.
She looks like she is going to be sick on her shoes and desperately talks about how her childhood could have been if her real mother was given a chance to have her. To really stick the knife in, and with water in his eyes, her daddy tells her that Alma was a mistake and so was she.

Fester: Oh don’t go getting all sentimental. She could have kept you. She had a choice and in the end, she chose to save her own skin.

Lee: I have to say that this revelation is all a little confusing. I’m only clear that Fester was actually having an affair with Alma Carter behind Dead Aunt Carol’s back because we’ve just re-watched this scene three times.

Sarah: It is a little clumsy but what a torrid bombshell for Frankie. Her father? Oh no.

Her mental disorientation leads Frankie to meander through Glasgow’s streets like a drunk clinging onto walls. Cat waits for Frankie till the café closes, then leaves pissed off that she has seemingly been let down once again. Frankie desperately tries to call, but Cat, feeling aggrieved, doesn’t pick up and walks home.

Frankie goes to Cat’s flat, disrupting DS Murray who is in the throes of domestic bliss.

She answers the door to Frankie, who is verbally all over the shop and asks after Cat’s whereabouts. The DS tells her she thought she was due to meet her. Frankie admits to being late and goes to leave because this police officer is not being helpful.

With a look that says, "I could rip your face off," the DS again asks why Frankie wants Cat, but this time she means it in the sense that Frankie wants Cat in a sexy way.

DS Murray: Cat’s happy, we’re happy. [blustering a little] If you think you can make her as happy as I can, then go ahead mess, it up for us. But personally, I think she deserves better than a total f–k up, don’t you?

Frankie leaves saying nothing, because after the day she’s had, there’s little fight left in her and DS Murray shuts the door on a job well done – breaking her nemesis as if she were a suspect in the nick.

Frankie is in Rubies and in stark contrast to the upbeat tempo of the music, she looks emotionally battered. Jay meets her and holds her while she pours out tears of pain onto his shoulder.

With a black bin bag in her hand tiding up her flat, Tess gets a call telling her she got the part. She dances with glee and then her doorbell goes. Her wannabe lady friend is there asking for a parcel that she believes was left with Tess. Tess plays dumb because, embarrassingly, she has opened it and rooted around inside. But the electrician spies the package in Tess’ flat and Tess spurts off to get it.

Eye Candy: You’ve opened it?

Tess spins a line about her cousin staying, his peculiar ways and the fact he’s taken out the handy-woman’s tool from its box.

Eye Candy is in no mood to complain as she tells Tess this is the least of her concerns. She has a long, lonely night ahead doing the work of two electricians. Tess catches this bone and offers to come with her and Eye Candy accepts.

Sarah: This is really quite odd because if someone says, "Oh I’ve got a pig of day ahead doing my job which is a specialised skill on my lonesome," and a near on random person replies: "You know what? I’ll come with you even though I have no relevant skills," you would not say, "Yes please, what a brilliant plan."

Lee: No, you would say, "What the devil are you talking about – back off over-eager one."

However our thoughts on this matter are irrelevant and we just want Tess to be happy. So here she is, running through an empty building with her Eye Candy, having the time of her life. She holds a light for Eye Candy whilst she fixes something or another both grinning at each other. Eye Candy tells Tell she originally studied jewellery making and gives her a bracelet she made. Tess is cock-a-hoop. With this offering, a certain frisson is stirring between the pair. However, this is interrupted by Tess’ phone blaring out a Right Said Fred ringtone.

Tess tells Eye Candy about being chosen for the lead role and she offers her some booze she has on hand to celebrate.

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