Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Six, Season Finale


In the car – not being groped – Tess tells Ed of her genuine delight about his book deal. They discuss the recent events and Ed says he doesn’t regret telling her about his feelings because it will allow him to change and go onto pastures new. This maturity is fairly alien in their relationship and they can’t help but both beam out a grin.

He gives her words of encouragement and she dashes off to her audition. Alone in the car, he smiles a smile over having his best friend back.

Frankie is still on the smelly steps by the Clyde flicking through her photo album. Frankie butter-fingers drops the album and a photo she hasn’t seen before falls out. It shows Uncle Fester holding a child – that looks remarkably like Frankie – except written on the photo is "Eleanor at 10-months-old."

Tess is at her audition, sitting on stage like a nervous one, but with much hope in her heart. The director asks what recent work she’s done. She spins a tale about LA and pilots but stops her web of lies a few sentences in and, instead, tells the truth about her daytime television habits and temping work. Then with intense sincerity, she describes her love for acting.

DS Murray is impressed by duster buster Cat’s quick work in re-arranging the flat and suggests that they go to the cinema before meeting her friends. Cat tells the DS about Frankie’s cafe invite but not the whole truth of why she wants to meet up. The DS tries to be reasonable but beyond Cat’s gaze, she illustrates her woe at the Frankie-effect.

Tess’ reading is full of emotion and quite beautiful. When she is finished, she nearly gives a little bow, which is adorable. The director gives a positive response and says he’ll get in touch. This looks hopeful. This looks like our girl may just have gotten a break.

Frankie enters a rough pub in the wrong side of town to see Uncle Fester along with a whisky – just as Cat texts to see if she is on route to meet her in the cafe. She decides to have it out with Fester once more and puts the photo of him and baby Eleanor-but-really-Frankie in front of him. She again pleads with him to tell her the truth. She tells him that she stole the picture from Darren – to avoid him being on the end of a Fester beating – and asks how he knows her mother? And how he could possibly be holding her at 10-months-old, when she didn’t go to live with him until she was 3-years-old?

Fester finally ‘fesses up.

Uncle Fester: She was a barmaid at my local. I was working away from home, working on the rigs. Everyone wanted Alma Carter. When she turned her attention on me, I was lost. I’d known her a few months when one night, she knocked on my door late, crying, blood all over her blouse. They’d done a robbery, a passer-by stumbled in and her mate glassed him in the neck. He bled to death and they ran off. I should have let her go then but she told me she was pregnant with you.

So Uncle Fester is in fact Daddy Fester and unsurprisingly this piece of information doesn’t spark Frankie to run into her father’s arms asking for a pony. Instead a shiver of grim reality clouds her face.

Fester continues to tell Frankie more about the fairytale of her early life. He and Alma Carter continued their affair but Alma decided to end it when Eleanor/Frankie was 3, so Daddy Fester demanded to keep the baby. He threatening to take the bloody blouse that he had kept all these years to the police, if Alma Carter didn’t agree.

Lee: How very Monica Lewinsky of him.

He and Dead Aunt Carol – who he professes to have loved – lied about Frankie’s back story so as to protect her from her mother. The people that Frankie thought were her parents were relatives of some kind who conveniently died in a car crash, allowing Fester and Dead Aunt Carol to give baby Eleanor, Dead Baby Francesca’s name. Lovely.

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