Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Six, Season Finale

Back at the flat that we can now call "Cat and DS Murray’s flat," Cat’s face is consumed with deep reflection. The DS complains about the extremely chilly weathers, yet has her sleeves rolled up pretty high – to no doubt signify that whatever the weathers, she’s a hands-on type of woman. She invites Cat to a work drinks night so she can finally meet her friends.

Sarah: Cat hasn’t even met her friends yet?

Lee: Even though the DS has had to endure parental lunches and ex-girlfriends and brothers? This relationship effort is certainly one-sided.

DS Murray believes Cat’s concern is related to her invitation and goes to give her a reassuring peck. Cat, like an uncoiled spring, exercises all of her unresolved mental tension and leeches on to her hot cop. She pulls open the DS’ sensible warm gilet, pulls down her trousers, tells her she loves her and demands to be f–ked. The DS is only too happy to oblige. She picks her up, places Cat on the kitchen surface and whips off her belt and top in an uncompromising moment of passion.

Frankie heads to a bar and orders a whisky. Because she’s wearing her pain like a tattoo on her forehead, a fella standing next to her spots it and offers to be an ear for her troubles. Instead, our Frankie thinks of something else he can offer. In the toilets, she and the stranger are kissing when he tries to get more physical. She catches sight of herself and thankfully realises that f–king a complete random in the bar toilets is maybe not the best course of action. Frankie pushes him off and begins to hot foot it out of there.

Just then, Darren, a.k.a. our drug dealer friend Bolt, enters the bar. Realising Frankie is not going to give up the chase, agrees to talk with her. He takes her to the boxing club, goes into a locker and hands over her missing photo album.

Darren: That’s what you want isn’t it, can’t you now just leave me alone?

Sarah: What a ridiculous question – yes weird boy she should just leave you alone even though you clearly are the key to unlocking the mystery of her life?

Frankie: No I want to know what the f–k is going on.

Darren tells her he can’t assist any further because Uncle Fester could make life rather thorny for Alma Carter, who he finally admits, is Frankie’s mum. And also, his mum. Which makes him Frankie’s secret brother. We’re finally getting somewhere with the "Who the F–k is Frankie?" puzzle. Darren apologies for not being able to divulge any further truths, and quite rightly, Frankie is frustrated and even further dejected.

A sorry looking Jay pops round to Frankie and Tess’ flat to ask if Tess has seen Becky. Tess, looking in the mirror at her Botox marks, tells him she hasn’t because Becky has gone AWOL to "reset her boundaries." She then admits to not knowing what this means, as it’s just something she heard on Dr. Phil. They decide that drinking some booze is the best plan of action for the day ahead.

Ed has met his new literary agent who is very excited about potential publishers for his book – and is also very much a knob-neck.

Agent: In fact, they’re both clambering to whack their big fat cheque books on the table and spunk a wodge of cash in your direction [leers disgustingly at the waitress]

Lee: He makes me sick in my own mouth.

He goes on to tell Ed that success will soon mean he’ll have women clambering to suck him off. Ed disregards these words with the knowledge that his agent is a knob-neck but also revels in the positive news that his book may have a publishing deal soon. Yet, this happiness is tainted as he would most certainly phone Tess at this point but she’s still not taking his calls.

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