Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Four


Murray saves Frankie and Sadie’s skin by telling the police officer
that they have consent to be there. When he leaves, the DS turns on them
with a face like fizz.

DS Murray:
Tell me why I should do this – why should I have to vouch for you two?

Sadie laughs like a nutter.

Cat: Who is this Frankie?
Frankie: This is Sadie, my girlfriend.
DS Murray: Your girlfriend Frankie? Your standards are dropping.
Sadie: Piss off (continues gurning)
DS Murray: Just clean up this mess and get the hell out of here.

The DS is angered, Cat is apologetic, Frankie is still trying to be complex and Sadie really likes licking her gums.

returns to her flat and Jay informs her that his need to get plastered
is due to getting his mortgage that day. They drink till dawn all
slumped in the front room.

Tess is the first
to rouse herself and heads to bed and Ed decides to head off home
declining the offer to stay in Tess’ bed with her.

Frankie: You should stay. The state she’s in, you won’t even need Rohypnol.
Ed: Piss off Frankie.

and Jay raid the fridge to look for more alcohol as they appear to have
drunk the place dry. Becky tries to call Jay but he ignores her and
Frankie questions why all is not well with them? They are both very
drunk and Jay rambles on and then attempts to crack a little bit of
Frankie’s hard exterior.

Jay: So tell me Frankie… is there
someone, anyone that grabs your heart and f**ks with your head, because I
don’t know if I can do it. Frankie?
Frankie: Cat.. it’s always been Cat.

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