Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Four


at lunch Cat and Tess visit the little girls’ room and Judy tells Ed
that he and Tess would make a delightful couple. He points out that
she’s gay so her suggestion of them being together is a ridiculous one.

Judy: I think we’re all a bit gay dear, aren’t we…

And with that line, Phyllis Logan has stolen the episode.

tries to call Cat, but because she is on the toilet Sam picks up and so
Frankie hangs up – another stark reminder that Cat’s loyalties lie with
the copper and not with her. DS Murray nods to herself at Frankie
ending the call – if she had any suspicions of Frankie having romantic
intentions towards her woman they may well be being solidified in her

Frankie calls Sadie and goes to see her.
Sadie has settled herself in a spectacular house because the rich woman
she was shagging the night before flew off to Paris that morning and
left her with the keys.

Sarah: It would be obvious within one
second of Sadie the fingersmith swaggering into your life that she’s not
to be trusted, yet people keep giving her things.

Frankie pours herself some vodka. She’s going to drink the pain away.

and Sam walk through Glasgow holding hands, looking and acting very
much the lesbian lovebirds. The guilt from last night begins to etch
over Cat’s face again as the DS tries to kiss her. Cat stops her and
admits to feeling wholly rubbish because DS Murray is truly a
magnificent girlfriend.

I lied to you.
DS Murray: About what? (in a way that suggests she has been waiting for this)
Cat: That name, it wasn’t for one of the secretaries, it was for Frankie.
DS Murray: Of course it was. I was just wondering when you were going to tell me.

Sarah: When will Cat realise that the DS is like a much, much fitter Jessica Fletcher? You can’t hide things from her

assures DS Murray that Frankie is purely a friend and the DS accepts
this but tells her not to lie to her again in a tone that leaks a little

Frankie and Sadie are absolutely wasted and piss
about in their new palace pretty much trashing the place like the cast
of Skins. Looking like a twisted Leonardo Dicaprio in Romeo and Juliet,
Frankie stares at fish in a tank until her very own Juliet brings her
more drugs.

Cat and Sam get frisky on their
taxi ride home. Although they are aware that the cabby has one eye on
this lesbian floor show, Cat pulls DS Murray’s hand in between her
thighs and any inhibitions she may have had are dismissed because her
lust for her lady are greater.

Lee: I’m not sure that I have ever seen that much tongue in a kissing scene on TV before.

Sarah: Nice, if anything.

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