Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Four


Lunch is a splendid affair. Ed and
Cat’s mum Judy – played brilliantly by Phyllis Logan – holds court while
dad Jerry sits quietly with a vacant expression on his chubby little
face trying to build sandcastles with napkins.

Judy enquires after DS Murray’s day, checking out the potential of her new daughter-in-law.

Lee: Ha, DS Murray really is a daughter-IN-LAW

DS: Actually I’ve been in court giving evidence against a serial rapist.
Bloody hell Samantha, you really haven’t been on many ‘meet the parents’ lunches
Judy: Rape, now that is not very nice.
Conjunctivitis is not very nice mother, breaking a fingernail is not
very nice, but I think rape qualifies as something slightly worse than
Judy: Yes she takes things very literally does our Catherine, always has. I think she might be slightly autistic.

Mums are ALWAYS the best in lesbian dramas

Sarah: Always. Like the mum in Kissing Jessica Stein

Lee: She’s a genius. But not quite as brilliant as Rachel’s mum in Imagine Me & you

walks up to Uncle Fester’s house and flicks out a cigarette, a bit of
Dutch courage before she knocks on his door and asks for the truth about
her family history.

The source of Cat’s often furrowed brow is
becoming much clearer as Judge Judy commentates on each member of the
table – apart from Jerry who is very much a silent witness. Firstly she
cross-examines the copper on her salary, then boasts about the genius
of Ed’s ‘science book’, asks Tess about her acting and then complains
about Cat’s lengthy and expensive studies to become an architect.

her girlfriend’s discomfort, the DS swoops in to deflect the negativity
directed towards Cat into a positive by telling Judy that Cat’s
good-doings must be down to her. Judy accepts this faux-bashfully and
comments on how proud she is of her daughter – perhaps for the first
time ever. Cat beams an absolutely stunning smile of thanks at the DS
and her eyes flash out a simple message: “You are so going to get it

Frankie goes to see Uncle Fester and
apologies for her ill-behaviour at dead Aunt Carol’s funeral. She then
asks him where she came from and he gives a sarcastic and entirely
unoriginal response about the birds and the bees. She whips out
Francesca Alan’s death certificate.

Uncle Fester: Everything we did we did was in your best interest.
Frankie: And who’s Alma Carter – is she my mother, my real mother?
Uncle Fester: (In an utterly unconvincing tone) I don’t know who you’re talking about, I’ve never heard of this…

continues to quiz and Uncle Fester tells her to stop snooping about
because it will only lead to more heartache for her. She leaves

Lee: I do feel crap for Frankie; this is an unpleasant state of affairs

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