Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Four


is scrambling her clothes together whilst the couple tell her that this
was their attempt at trying to spice things up on a relationship that
has gone a bit flat in the bedroom department. Tess is very
understanding and positive about their attempt to enhance things and her
chatter turns into a Trisha-esque (or DR Phil-esque for the Americans)
therapy session with Tess guiding the pair back to true love while she
leaves with her clothes askew.

DS Murray comes home late
explaining she’s had a pig of a day and Cat offers her wine and provides
a head rub. However she can’t help but have Frankie’s anguish at the
forefront of her mind and so asks the DS whether has had a chance to
look up Annie Cawthorne.

DS: The Annie Cawthorne registered to that address is an alias for an Alma Carter.
Cat: An alias, she’s a criminal?
DS: She’s got a couple of priors for petty theft but we’re talking way back – 30 years or more.

because she’s a hot cop who is used to interviewing cheating criminals,
DS Murray suspects that Cat isn’t being entirely truthful about this
matter and tries to catch her out by asking again who the information is
for. Cat lies again but has a face etched with guilt.

Sitting in
her flat drinking beer, Frankie is disturbed by her doorbell. Hopeful
that it’s Cat, she can’t help but express her disappointment when Sadie
comes bounding in with her Nan King-esque swagger.

Sadie: I wanted to see how you were settling in – like it?
Frankie: Yeah, it’s alright.
Sadie: Alright? It fucking rocks – do you know how lucky you are to be shagging me?

Lee: I love Sadie. Love. Her.

Sarah: I don’t know why people don’t like her more She brings a little bit of East End joy to every scene she’s in.

drink beer, straight from the bottle – as lesbians do – but Frankie
passes up the chance to get fresh when Sadie goes to kiss her.

Wait a minute, Frankie is brooding over something and yet she has not
chosen to f**k the pain away? There may well be a new Frankie in town.

Lee: I think she should have shagged Sadie though. She deserved it with the flat and all. Bit rude not to.

Cat brings the DS breakfast in bed but freaks out when she remembers
that she’s got a luncheon date with her parents. Quite alarmingly DS
Murray responds to this by shouting out ‘Parents??’ really loudly – as
if Cat having parents is some sort of crazy foreign idea she hadn’t
expected. Cat ignores this strangeness and tells her she could come
with. Again the DS acts as if this is the strangest thing she has ever
heard by yelling: ‘What?’ However it is agreed that the DS will meet the
MacKenzies and now she’s over the shock of it, the DS appears to be
left feeling venerable by the prospect.

wakes up and walks across her flat wearing very big slippers on her
feet, and in the flat opposite, she eye-spies the woman who tried to
talk to her last eve at the lesbi-bar. Due to the unexpectedness of this
recall, when the woman turns her way, Tess drops to the floor. She
looks a little happy-excited.

Jay continues to freak out about
his new financial ties with girlfriend Becky and again Frankie is on
hand to stir up his feelings of woe. To reassert the fact that he’s
still the Jaygermeister he tells Frankie that he snogged Hayley.

Frankie: No wonder she had to take drugs.

pulls Frankie aside to tell her what the DS found out about the ‘who
the f**k is Annie Cawthorne’ puzzle. Frankie then gives a synopsis of
the situation with the most melodramatic interpretation she could
possibly muster.

Frankie: Great, this is great. So I’m dead. I’m
connected to a criminal and there’s some strange drug dealer bloke that
keeps following me about.

Cat tries to calm her down but Frankie darts away from their tete-a-tete like she’s just been released from an elastic band.

is waiting impatiently in Tess’ bedroom while she finishes getting
ready for their lunch date with his parents. As she dresses, she regales
him with tales of the catalogue model and Dougie and then stops to have
another gaze into the opposite flat in hope of spotting her new bit of

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