Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Four

suggests to Frankie that DS Murray could look up Annie Cawthorne but
Frankie is resistant as she doesn’t want anyone knowing her affairs. Cat
talks about having a mature relationship with the copper and Frankie
allows herself to remark that she is pleased that Cat is happy. Their
relationship finally seems to be converting into a sort of friendship.

in the office Jay admits to Frankie that he is feeling smothered by his
hop onto the ladder of potential mortgage-dom with Becky. Frankie sits
on his desk and makes him feel much better by telling him about all the
things on higher rungs of the ladder like pets, children and nannies.

Meanwhile Cat phones the DS to ask her to research Annie Cawthorne – pretending she’s doing a favour for one of the secretaries.

Tess is in a gay bar on her date with the eighties catalogue model who has donned sparkles and chiffon for the affair.

Catalogue-model talks about past internet dates who didn’t have a sense
of adventure. Tess heads to the bar where a woman tries to start small
talk with her but Tess brushes her off and returns to the
Catalogue-model with two drinks in hand.

Ed and his date Melanie
seem to be getting on great guns until Ed gives a Tess anecdote
highlighting her madcap ways which then spirals into him getting pretty
serious about Tess’ personality flaws. Melanie seems unsettled by Ed’s
intense brooding over Tess.

Meanwhile Tess has
gone home with the catalogue model and is having a right good time
undressing and being undressed by her new squeeze. But the sexual flurry
is interrupted by a third party seating himself in front of them.

Creepy beardy Man: Alright hen?
Tess: (obviously freaked out) Sorry um, who is this?
Catalogue-model: This is Dougie, Douglas my husband, but don’t worry he just likes to watch. Now where were we?
Tess: No, no, no – sorry I thought you were gay?

date has taken a further downward turn as he and Melanie fundamentally
disagree on the sentiment they feel over Philip Roth and Ed continues to
bang on about Tess as if he has never mentioned her before. Melanie
declines the offer of more Vino and hot-steps it out of the pub giving
Ed the ultimate brush off: “I’ll call you”

Sarah: I wasn’t feeling her anyway.

Lee: Nah, he can do better.

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