Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Four


points out the obvious – that it’s pretty low of him to duck out of the
Ketamine episode and let Cat take the blame – but before he can implore
her silence anymore Cat approaches them.

Frankie tells Cat about her
recent work developments and Cat smiles at her uncharacteristic
work-like manner and questions why Frankie isn’t being her normal
boundary-crossing, flirtatious self.

They head to drink tea in a
café and Frankie scrapes her own nail into the table nail just to
animate the blatancy of her disturbed mind even more.

Cat: Frankie what’s going on?
Frankie: Nothing
Cat: Come on you’re a crap liar, come on you’re all over the place
Alright, you want to know what’s going on (hands her Francesca Alan’s
death certificate and then really, really dramatically) – I’m dead.

and Frankie re-run her life history then Frankie stares out the window
forlornly and Cat scratches her head and scowls over the head-f**k of it

Cat: I’m just trying to make sense of it all. This (the
death certificate) and the photo album… do you think she could be your
mother – your real mother?

Sarah: What a modern-day Miss Marple Cat is.

Frankie is all over the shop and Cat tries to comfort her.

is sitting on the couch with Ed knitting, watching ‘An Afternoon with
Tom & Lou’, amazed at the amount of concealer it has taken to hide
Tom-the-Prick’s nose bruise.

While Ed indulges in the memory of
his knock-out blow, Tess looks at her internet dating candidates
expressing that they are all munters or freakshows.

then a new one enters the fray. Tess seems to talk herself into
thinking this one is a bit of a looker but really she looks like she was
dragged out of a budget eighties clothes catalogue.

She hands
Ed the laptop and asks him to use his wordsmith ways to seduce her.
However, in a brave little attempt to break free from just hanging
around and yearning for Tess constantly, he says no because he has a
date with Melanie from his creative writing class.

Lee: Good for you Ed. I hope Melanie is nice.

Sarah: I hope she’s not a lesbian.

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