Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Four

DS Murray and
Cat have a smooch outside Cat’s office and sly old Alley-Cat Alistair
catches them at it as he walks to work. When Cat approaches he snaps
that she has to be in his office in 5 minutes.

Frankie and Tess
arrive at their new flat, which is entered down the lane in Glasgow that
features an amazing David Batchelor light installation.

girls are enchanted by the absolute brilliance of the flat for it has
bongos, booze and space to swing lots and lots of Cats. Ahem.

tells Cat of Hayley-the-fit-intern’s horse tranquilizer episode and
calls into question Cat’s judgement in hiring her. He then reckons that
she has been side-tracked lately and hops straight onto the matter of
DS Murray:

Alistair: And which of the noble Sapphic professions does Sam belong to – social worker, PE teacher, freelance yoghurt maker?
Cat: She’s a detective sergeant.
Alistair: Well maybe she’ll be able to give you a few pointers next time on how to spot suspicious behaviour.

Cat looks afflicted and amused by her boss being such a nob.

I am surprised they don’t make Cat a bit angrier in this scene because
he just stepped over the line with that yoghurt comment

In all my years of professional lesbianism I’ve never met a freelance yoghurt maker

into their new flat Tess tells Frankie that she’s likely to watch her
ex-secret girlfriend Lou Foster on television and get drunk that day.
They both eat Nutella straight from the jar and Frankie tells Tess to
get right back into the throes of dating. She flings open a laptop and
suggests speaking to women online, comparing its simplicity to ordering a

Lee: That’s not a great analogy is it?

Sarah: Not unless you’re ordering a hooker

Frankie: What do you want your username to be?
Tess: Clitoris.
Frankie: How are you spelling that?
Tess: Frank – I don’t want to do it!

because Tess has nothing else to do but finish the Nutella jar, Frankie
persuades her to take on the cyber dating challenge and they set up a
profile. At the question, ‘What are you looking for?’ they put ‘fisting’
instead of ‘friendship’. Oh we like these two together. Once again this
scene smooths away some of Frankie’s teenage angst and we catch a
glimpse of fun-guy-Frankie.

Cat tells Jay about
Hayley-the-fit-intern’s alleged drug problem and he lies about having
any knowledge of it. She then proceeds to tell him about Alistair
holding her partially responsible and how he has changed towards her
since finding out she’s a vagitarian. He tells her not to worry and
glances at Alistair like a man who has gotten away with giving drugs to
the fit intern by the skin of his teeth.

packs her bag for work and has another look at Francesca Alan’s death
certificate, wondering again who the devil she is. As she arrives at
work, Jay homes in on her like a man on the run demanding that she
doesn’t tell Cat about fit-intern-drugs-gate because Alistair is blaming
Cat for it and therefore it’s not necessary for him to be mentioned.

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