Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap – Episode Four


begins to cry. He gently kisses her face to try and comfort her but
then this leads to something far from platonic and he starts to kiss her

Although Frankie’s eyes initially look bemused, her need
for sex as comfort, his need for sex as reinforcement of his virile,
free masculinity and their two intoxicated brains all collide and lead
them to sleep together.

Lee: This is a sad f**k.

Sad for Becky and sad for Cat.

Lee: And sad for Frankie and Jay’s friendship.

goes to the kitchen for some water to dilute the bottle of tequila she
devoured earlier and catches them making rumpy-pumpy in bed together.
Her eyes pop like saucers and her mouth drops to the floor.

Lee: She’ll be thinking of the stubble rash that Frankie will have in the morning.

Sarah: Nothing worse than a hangover, a heart full of regret and a face full of stubble rash.

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