Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap (Episode Five)


Frankie goes to the address she got from the boxing club but nobody answers the bell.
Later that day, Cat and Frankie are shopping for a dildo for Tess – because that’s what you buy for lesbians on their birthdays.

Whilst expertly picking the best toy, Frankie tells Cat about the progress made on the “Who the f–k is Annie Cawthorne/Alma Carter/ Francesca?”puzzle. With a slight glimmer of excitement, she tells Cat that she intends to re-visit the address. Again, this is a tender moment until Cat mentions a toy they used named “Milo.” Frankie mentions Cat’s sex noises and it all dissolves into awkwardness.

Tess is playing Jenga with Ed, speculating about why Facebook-Chloe wants to meet her. They then talk about the Frankie/ Jay bedding and this gives Ed another chance to meander the conversation into sexuality and its sometimes blurry boundaries.

Ed: It’s not black and white, more of a spectrum.

Tess: I guess we’re just all people, bodies and stuff.

Ed: So anyone can love anyone…

Unknowingly, Tess may well have waved Ed another white-flag. He looks intense. But not in a creepy way.

Alistair begins to shout his mouth off at Cat for her latest incident; burning a little bit of the school down. Frankie steps in and sucks up all the blame and lies that she was not only the twisted fire starter, but also the ketamine dealer. She leaves the Alley-Cat gobsmacked as she storms out of the room but then returns for her forgotten bag.

Frankie: Sorry…dildo.

Cat is amused by her antics.
It’s Tess’ birthday and she’s met up with Facebook-Chloe, who had forgotten it was Tess’ birthday. She still has an awful voice and worse manner, but is looking smoothed over by means of a touch of Botox.
She tells Tess that she’s getting married to Shona from Spanish class and that she wanted Tess to know because she still views her as a significant part of her life.

Lee: Really? Have they even spoken since Tess met Shona in-between Chloe’s legs?

Sarah: I wish it was Lou that had called; to confess her love and propose a coming-out media strategy.

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