Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap (Episode Five)

Still pretending to be interested in boxing classes, Frankie is taken into the Boxing club’s office by the manager. She takes the opportunity to feign a coughing fit so she can be left alone in the office while the manager gets her a glass of water. How does she think these things up?

Alone, she rifles through paper and filing systems and comes across our old wheeler-dealer friend Bolt’s file. She nabs it and walks off.

Tess calls Cat for a chin-wag and asks her whether she’s free on the night of her birthday. Cat lies and pretends to be busy. When Tess asks about DS Murray, she doesn’t seem too enthusiastic and then asks Tess about Frankie and Sadie. Tess spies her eye-candy outside unloading a van and ends her call with Cat to race downstairs.

Tess: Hi, I’ve just moved in next door.

Eye-candy: [looks at her but doesn't respond and continues playing with her van]

Tess: Haven’t we met before?

Eye-candy: Maybe? [In a pretty hostile tone]

Sarah: Can this hostility really be because Tess didn’t speak to her at the bar? Get over it, love.

Tess: This is going to sound a bit weird… do you know of any, err… decent electricians in the area? My lights have just gone out, TV, radio, everything.

Coincidentally, Eye-candy is an actual electrician, so she gets her tools, ready to lend a hand. Tess’ face pales because she has obviously made up the electrics tale and when Eye-candy enters her flat to save the day, Tess tries to act surprised at the washing machine and TV and multiple other objects all flashing electricity.

Tess’ phone goes and it’s Facebook- Chloe, which prompts Eye-candy to leave, even though Tess asks her to stay.

Lee: Do you remember Harriet Braun told us that her favourite lesbian character was Corky from Bound?

Sarah: Yes, she said she liked the whole plumber thing.

Lee: Well I’m wondering if she just likes the whole handy-woman thing?

Sarah: Could be. Not sure I feel a spark with this one, though.

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