Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap (Episode Five)

Tess arrives home and asks Frankie, who is looking at photographs of Cat on her laptop, whether she’s available to celebrate her birthday with her. Toeing the party line, Frankie lies and says she’s working; another little bit of rain falls on Tess’ parade.
Frankie tells her that she sensed Ed knew about her and Jay. Tess admits to telling him but agrees that the tale will not be spread any wider.

Whilst slumped on Frankie’s bed, she spots the “FG” key ring and knows that this is from a boxing club because she had a radio advert audition for them.
This knowledge has Frankie bright and breezy at FG Boxing Club the very next day. She subtly enquires about the key ring, using the ruse she’s interested in joining some classes. She’s told that what she has on her hands is a staff key ring.

Back at the office and obviously outraged, Cat spits anger at Jay for letting her take all of the hassle for the Hayley-fit-intern- episode and questions why he was in the toilets with her. To squeeze himself out of the situation Jay tries to deflect some shame back at her door.

Jay: Listen, you can talk. Back to school with Frankie? Strolling down memory lane behind Sam’s back.

Cat: I was working.

Jay: Would Sam see it like that?

Cat: I’m happy with Sam. I’d never go back.

Cat returns to her desk and gives him a look to reinforce that all her intentions are honourable.

Lee: I’m still saying “good” to this news, but I’m not shouting it as loudly as I did a couple of episodes ago.

Sarah: Well I’m swaying and quite Frankie-ly [ahem] I did not expect that.

Sitting in a car – for what could either be a stake-out or simply slacking on the job – DS Murray tells her colleague that she’s troubled over her relationship. He tries to alleviate her concerns by saying he thinks it all sounds fine and that the DS is just paranoid because she likes Cat so much.

DS Murray: Saying “I love you” is like a gun fight. If you draw first, you better not miss.

Sarah: I am pleased as punch there has been no issue made out of Sam’s career choice.

Lee: It would have been an obvious thing to do. I’m starting to imagine a spin-off show for the DS?

Sarah: Like Diagnosis Murder, but without any Dick?

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