Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap (Episode Five)

Cat and Frankie arrive outside Frankie’s flat and as she relays words of encouragement about the possible repercussions of setting a school on fire, Sadie steps from the shadows. Cat is driven on by the taxi and Frankie looks gutted to see her go.

Sadie: Couldn’t get you on the phone? Just wanted to make sure you were alright after yesterday?

Frankie: Yeah I’m fine, just a busy day.

Sadie: I didn’t even make it in to work. I can barely remember anything that happened last night.

Frankie: Yeah, that’s probably a good thing.

To make feel Sadie feel even more rubbish, Frankie invites her in “just for an hour” because she’s having an early night. Feeling rejected and a bit of a tool for waiting around for her, Sadie says she’s not going to come in. Frankie gives her a peck.

Frankie: Okay, whatever you want. [As if this decision was entirely Sadie's, not caused by Frankie being completely void of emotion towards her]

Frankie has done the unthinkable; she has de-swaggered the Artful Dodgeress. A girl that can swipe the complete works of Shakespeare from Borders without breaking a sweat has been left needy and vulnerable by the Frankinator.

Like a scene from a modern-day Calamity Jane, Cat pulls freshly baked goods from the oven, while her strapping DS walks over and kisses her. The DS admits to being turned on by their domestic ways. She tells Cat that she can smell smoke on her but Cat lies and tells her it was from the builders’ onsite.

Lee: Goodness, another Frankie lie so soon?

Sarah: I feel complicit because we were there, enjoying it.

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